Information Competency Plan
for the California Community Colleges


"Information competence has many natural departmental affiliations," states the CSU report, "and simultaneously no specific departmental affiliation. Therefore, it has no obvious champion to forward its cause among discipline faculty." The Academic Senate report specifically suggests that information competency is something that could be integrated into the curriculum in various ways and in various disciplines.

A timeline identifies an implementation schedule for the 43 proposals in this planning document.

Those of us who participated in this planning process, representing a cross section of California community colleges, are convinced of the need for California community college students to be information competent. Our investigation included a review of the literature, consultations with faculty, students, and administrators, meetings with state and national government officials, and information competency innovators. This document is reinforced by recent position papers from the CCC Chancellor's Office, the Academic Senate, CSU studies and elsewhere. It is time to act, in a collaborative approach, on these recommendations. Learning, the mission of our institutions, will be enhanced by these proposals.




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