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How to Search an Individual Publication in EBSCOhost
  • Begin your search from the Library Homepage screen shot of the library database icons

  • Select the EBSCOhost Icon   EbscoHost icon

  • Select Research Databases on EBSCOhost Web Interface
    EbscoHost Interface selection

  • From the links at the top of the screen, place your cursor over Publications and select Academic Search Premier Publications search

  • Enter the publication title in the search box (e.g. News from Native California) and click on the Browse button Publication search box - searching for News from Native California

  • Select your title from the resulting list of publications

    This particular description tells us that this publication is in EBSCOhost Full Text (complete articles) for 2002-Present
    (For articles that predate 2002 you will need to use the print issues placed on Reserve by your Instructor)

  • Select the Search Within this Publication link

    Full description of the publication including search within this publication link

  • Your search box now looks like this and you are searching only the publication News from Native California
    Screenshot of the search box -- searching a particular title

  • To continue with your search you are going to add AND followed by your search
    term (e.g. AND ohlone)
    Screenshot of a search within a publication

  • You will get a results list. Each listing will include the article title, the date of publication and a link to the full text of the article. Click on one of the full text links to read the article. If you want to look at the abstract for more information place your cursor over the magnifying glass icon.
    Screenshot of a search result list

  • To get help with your citation look for the Cite icon in the Detailed Record

    Cite icon - click to see a formatted citation for the article

As always, if you have other questions, please contact the Library Reference Desk.

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