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ASSIGNMENT 2: State Facts

In this second assignment, we will access a Web site with information on the 50 states and capitals in the United States. We will find the name of a famous person from a state. Then we will go to an online encyclopedia and look up information about the famous person. It may be helpful for you to read through each section of this assignment before going directly to a Web site. This way you will know in advance which questions you will be answering.


  1. Read the question you will be answering below before going to the site, so you know which fact you will need.

  2. Click on the link to the 50 states site.

  3. Then click on the California folder.

  4. Click on Biographies: Famous Californians

  5. Select a famous Californian

  6. X out of the 50 states site and return to this assignment page

  7. Type the name in the box below.

    Note: When you click on the 50 states link, your browser should open up a new window for the link. To return to this assignment page, just close the window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the window.

    Warning! You do not want to X out of this assignment page until you have submitted your answers at the end of the assignment.

  8. Now, let's actually go to the 50 states site by clicking on its link and follow the steps outlined above.
What is the name of the famous Californian you selected?


Now we are going to use an online encyclopedia to get information about the famous Californian you selected.

  1. First, you will go to the online encyclopedia site .

  2. Next you will type in the name of your famous Californian and click on the box to select the Encyclopedia Britannica as shown below:


  3. Click on the Go button.

  4. Next click on a link that looks like it will provide information about the life of your famous Californian.

  5. Read the information. (Information which tells a person's life story is called a biography.)

  6. Take notes on this person's date of birth, occupation and why you think this person is considered famous.

  7. Then return to this assignment page and answer the questions below.

  8. Now, let's go to the Encyclopedia Britannica site by clicking on its link and follow the steps outlined above.

  9. Hint: if you don't find anything in the Encyclopedia Britannica site, return to the 50 states' famous Californian site and look for another name.
When was your famous Californian born?
What's the person's occupation?
Why is this person considered famous?

In this second ESL 542 assignment we covered:

  • Finding state facts and famous names.

  • Using an online encyclopedia.

  • Finding biographies of famous people.

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