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ASSIGNMENT 3: Tenant Rights

In this third assignment, we will access the Web site, "What Should I Know Before I Rent?" for tenants' rights information. It is sponsored by the State Bar of California and follows a question and answer format. It may be helpful for you to read through each section of this assignment before going directly to the Web site. This way you will know in advance which questions you will be answering.

  1. Read the first two questions you will be answering below. (You might want to write them down on scratch paper.)

  2. Next you will go to the tenants' rights Web site.

  3. Read the information provided in question and answer #10.

  4. Return to this assignment page and answer the two questions below.

    Note: When you click on the link to the Tenants' Rights site, your browser should open up a new window for this link. To return to this assignment page, just close the window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the window.

    Warning! You do not want to X out of this assignment page until you have submitted your answers at the end of the assignment.

  5. Now, let's actually go to the Tenants' Rights site by clicking on its link and follow the steps we've just outlined. Then return to this assignment page and answer the following questions :
Your furnace hasn't worked for six weeks in the middle of winter. You called and wrote to your landlord to complain but he still won't get your furnace fixed. To report this, which department would you call?
There is a large pile of trash in your apartment building hallway and you have told the landlord many times, but he hasn't removed the trash. It looks like a fire hazard. Which department do you call to report this?

  1. Read the two questions below which you will be answering. Take notes.

  2. We are going to return to the tenants' rights site and read the sections for question and answer #12

  3. When you have found the anwers to the questions below, X out of the tenants' rights site and return to this assignment page.

  4. Now, let's go to the Tenants' Rights site by clicking on its link and follow the steps outlined above. Then return to this assignment page and answer the questions below.
List two reasons why an owner might want to evict a tenant.
If you have a month to month agreement and you've done nothing wrong, how many days notice must a landlord give you to move out?

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In this third ESL 542 assignment we covered:

  • Finding information on which departments to contact when your rental is unlivable and your landlord hasn't responded to your requests to fix the problems

  • Locating information on possible causes for eviction

  • Finding information on the required days notice you must be given when you are asked to leave your rental


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