Informant: Emma Villarreal Garza
Oral history by: Adolfo Tellez
Date submitted: December, 2011

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Emma Villarreal Garza is an extraordinary woman with a life that is both exciting and magnificent. Emma father came from Spain and her grandmother came from Mexico. Emma was born on July 9, 1946 in D’hanis, Texas. D’hanis is a place that is known for its brick making factory and it was also where Emma’s father worked at times. Production, specifically agricultural production, takes a huge place in Emma’s life. In D’hanis, she lived in a little country house on five acres. She and her family would grow corn there to make a living. While living in D’hanis, Emma lost Rodolfo, her eight month old brother, to a high fever and infection. At the time they were no where near a hospital and could not save him. This was a tragedy that her and her family would have to overcome and they would never forget it.