Commodity Chain Research Using EBSCOhost

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EBSCOhost is actually a group of more than 20 databases. There are also a few different interfaces. If you are researching in a particular subject like business you can use the Business Source Premier interface or using Research Databases you can add or remove one or more databases.

Business Source Premier is a collection of information from corporate data to industry data and much more. It contains articles from magazines, newspapers, trade publications, journals and more.

You will need a Gavilan Library card to search EBSCOhost from off campus. Your 'password' will be some portion of your library card number. The instructions are on the login page.


Step 1:

Get Started.

Click on the EBSCOhost logo on the Library Homepage.

On the following page, Select Business Source Premier


Screenshot of Business Source Premier link from databases page

Step 2:

Enter your research terms -- here we have a search for keyword poultry

screen shot of a search for poultry



Step 3:

You will see a list of entries that contain your keyword. Note that each article citation contains the article title, periodical title, publication information including date and a link to the full text if it is available. As you can see in the example below, not all citations have full text links. Those articles in EBSCOhost are not available full text so you may want to consider requesting a copy via ILL.

Step 4:

Now you can narrow your search in a variety of ways. You can use suggested subjects to narrow your results. I selected Poultry industry from the Subject Thesaurus list.


The result list is now about 2000 articles that have the word poultry and are about the poultry industry instead of the 12,000 that have the word poultry. You can select one of the articles from the result list by clicking on one of the full text links. OR

Step 5:

You can continue to narrow your results by using the filters at the top of the screen. I clicked on the Industry Profiles filter.


Now I see two reports. By clicking on the Full Text link I can read the full report.




Step 6:

When you are finished with the article/report, you can continue to view the other types of articles by clicking on one of the filters at the top of the page or click on All Results to return to your full list of articles. Here I clicked on the Academic Journals filter to see the articles from scholarly journals.

Look for these icons in your citation or full text article to print, save or email your document.

As always, if you have other questions, please contact the Library Reference Desk.

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