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Gavilan College Home Page

Men's Health
Contains men's health issues ranging from athlete's foot to infertility to testicular cancer to weight control. Provides short descriptions of each condition and other helpful tidbits.
Gay Men's Health Crisis
Gay Men's Health Crisis, a not-for-profit AIDS organization. Provides information on volunteering opportunities. Also gives facts on the basics of AIDS and HIV. There is information available for those who have been diagnosed with AIDS or HIV and addresses their practical concerns, such as finding the right doctor. Provides educational info about opportunistic illnesses. There is also a monthly newsletter on the latest developments and information on treatments.
The Testicular Cancer Resource Center. Provides personal testimonies and first-hand accounts of people who have survived the disease. Also addresses the costs of treatment and surgery, concerns regarding sex after surgery, and advice and helpful hints on dealing with the experience.
National Cancer Institute
National Cancer Institute: Provides information and statistics on testicular cancer.