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Welcome to the Gavilan College
Student Community!

cover of student handbook

We are very pleased that you have made Gavilan your "College of Choice" for your higher education experience.

As a student, you will not only have much to learn from the courses you take and the field of study you are pursuing, but also about how be successful in the college setting.

This handbook is designed to help you understand the rules, policies, procedures and information that students find helpful while attending Gavilan. As a student, you have many rights and privileges. You also assume the responsibility to learn about the college environment and to respect other students in this responsibility.

Whether you find yourself with a question about grading, where to go if you are feeling under served, or what to do in a situation where you are having issues with a fellow student, we hope that this resource, along with the college catalog, will guide you in what to do next.

I wish you tremendous success with your academic pursuits and invite you to engage in the rich environment we have created for you here at Gavilan outside of the classroom.

State-wide Complaint Process
Standards of Student Conduct
Policies and Procedures
Academic Honesty, Student-to-Student Mediation, Students' Problem Resolution Process, Academic Freedom, Student Discipline Procedures
College Policies
Services for Students with Disabilities, Accessibility, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance, Title VI, Title IX and Americans with Disabilities Act Section 504/508, Aids/HIV, Open Enrollment, Vocational English Skills, Non-Discrimination, Prohibition of Harassment and Hate Crimes, Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act, Sexual Assault, Revision of Administrative Regulations, Computer Use, Photography, Video and Audio Recordings, Authority of Instructor, Family Educational Rights and Privacy, Smoke-Free Buildings, Policy for Children on Campus, Campus Posting Policy, Parking, Transcripts, Financial Aid Policies, Withholding Records for Non-Payment of Financial Obligations, Refund Policy and Procedure, Refunds of Student Body Cards, Library
Academic Information
Academic Standards, Catalog Rights, Attendance Standards, Course Syllabus, Course Availability, Course Repetition, Withdrawal Policy, Course Prerequisite, Course Advisory, Units, Grades, Grading Options

This is an Adobe PDF document Download Student Rights, Responsibilities,
and Academic Standards Handbook