El Teatro Campesino

  • Dear Alice: An Interview with Alice McGrath
    Luis Valdez talks to lifelong activist Alice McGrath
  • El Teatro Campesino Presents Kirk Ward's 3 Stories Tall
    "3 Stories Tall" is an explosive one-man show by Hollister native Kirk Ward. Originally performed at the HBO Theatre, The Comedy Centeral Theatre, and The Aspen Comedy Festival, "3 Stories Tall" reveals to us the adversity every young man and woman experiences when taking the path of the unknown. Using humor and drama, Kirk's performance is infused with a vitality that is consummately engaging, and indeed something not to miss.
  • ETC Film Lab Presents Jill & Weenaynay
    Preview of ETC Film Lab's current production "Jill & Weenaynay"
  • El Teatro Campesino Presents Basta Basura
    Basta Basura clearly and concisely teaches to kids the importance of the 3 R’s: Reducing, Re-using, and Recycliout the summer months.
  • Sam Burguesa and the Pixie Chicks Preview
    There's a rumbling in Crumblen, California. Chicano slacker Sam Burguesa has lost it all - his home, his money, his marbles. Someone just needs to 'splain that to the Pixie Chicks. Under the auspices of the new "Teatro Lab," the next generation of El Teatro Campesino creates a new musical workshop for the age of Obama. The cosmic cabaret promises to mix music, myth, magic and politics in a way only El Teatro can. Catch it before it flies away!


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