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Chapter One Overview of Gavilan Community College District Facilities


This report has been developed as an additional aspect of the master planning process for Gavilan Community College District. For a detailed analysis of the educational programs and services offered by the District, refer to the recently completed Educational Master Plan. For continuity and ease of reading, background information and general information regarding the college, its mission, vision, values and philosophy have been extracted from the Educational Master Plan and included in the introductory section of this Facilities Master Plan. The intent of this document is to describe the present and anticipated facilities of the District and to make recommendations, where appropriate, on facilities-related issues. It must be emphasized that these recommendations must be considered in concert with the Strategic Plan goals of the District.

This report is divided into the following major areas:

    1. An overview of the present facilities
    2. Critical issues related to these facilities as discovered by this study and as revealed in the previously completed Educational Master Plan
    3. Data Obtained from Other Planning Activities
    4. Facilities-related recommendations.

The College

Gavilan College was originally established in 1919 as San Benito County Junior College. It operated under this title until 1963, when a new community college district was formed that included both San Benito and southern Santa Clara Counties. Successful passage of a local bond in 1966 provided the needed funds to construct the present campus at Santa Teresa Boulevard and Castro Valley Road in Gilroy, California. In the fall of 1999, the College celebrated its 80th year of operation as a community college.

The present Gavilan District serves residents of the Gilroy Unified, Morgan Hill Unified, Aromas-San Juan Unified, and San Benito Joint Union High School Districts. The Gavilan District is comprised of approximately 2,700 square miles in southern Santa Clara County and all of San Benito County.

The main campus in Gilroy rests against the foothills that form the western boundary of the Santa Clara Valley. The main campus was initially master-planned to accommodate an enrollment of 5,000 students and rests on a 150-acre site that has been carefully planned to take advantage of the beautiful, natural and tranquil setting.

In the spring of 1997, the Gavilan District Board of Trustees approved the creation of two instructional sites in Hollister and Morgan Hill to augment their curricular offerings at the main (Gilroy) campus. These two sites are an integral part of the districtís effort to enhance student access to a college education.

The collegeís course of studies includes a two-year lower division college program that prepares students for transfer to a four-year college or university. The college also offers a variety of one- and two-year technical and occupational and pre-professional courses of study that lead to employment. Presently, 26 associate degree programs and 13 certificate and career programs are offered through the college.

Gavilan currently enrolls more than 5,000 day and evening students. In 1998-1999, 213 students received Associate in Arts or Science degrees and another 91 students received certificates of completion for technical or career programs.

College District Organizational Structure

A seven-member Board of Trustees governs the Gavilan Community College District. Voters within the district elect the Trustees for a four-year term. Board meetings are held monthly and are open to the public.

The administrative structure of the college operates under the direction and oversight of the college president, who oversees three vice president positions that carry responsibility for administrative, instructional, and student services. Deans and Directors provide direct oversight for the tasks related to the provision of administrative, instructional and student services.

Gavilanís Mission Statement

In an environment that nurtures creativity and intellectual curiosity, Gavilan College serves the community by providing a high quality learning experience and preparing students for higher education, technical and public service careers, life-long learning and participation in a diverse global society.

Purpose of the College

Gavilan is committed to creating an environment for student success. To this end, the college offers a wide range of services, including programs of community education, study in the liberal arts, and study in the pre-professional, business, vocational and technical fields. In addition, we offer support services that strengthen and augment the learning environment. Courses and programs of study are offered in day, evening and weekend formats. All curricular offerings are designed to assist students in meeting their educational and life goals.

Philosophy of the College

Gavilan is committed to educational excellence. The college aspires to be an exemplary, student-centered community college through leadership, planning, and a commitment to ongoing improvement. Its services and programs are designed to instill the values of critical thinking, life-long learning, cultural understanding, and community service. Gavilanís quality of service to students is closely bound to the quality of the college staff.

The college strives to accomplish its mission with creativity and innovation and with a proactive, accessible and sensitive presence in the diverse communities it serves. The college is dedicated to fulfill its mission with compassion, caring and understanding and holds, in high regard, the respect and worth of all individuals.

Gavilanís Vision for the Future

Gavilan will be known for its innovative instruction and quality service to students. Outreach and retention strategies will be implemented in order to attract and retain students and staff members that reflect the diversity of the communities the college serves. Instruction and student services will be fully integrated, sharing the goal of helping all students achieve educational excellence in transfer, vocational, and technical programs of study. Appropriate technology will be used to enhance instructional programs and support services. Community and contract education will be responsive to the needs of residents, business, and industry.

The development of programs and facilities in Morgan Hill and Hollister shall be in response to the growth in student enrollment at those locations. However, emphasis shall be placed on encouraging students to enroll at the main campus. All college facilities will be well maintained and equipped to serve staff and students. The Gilroy campus will be noted for its park-like setting and facilities that attract the community for private and public events.

As the college continually evaluates and improves its programs and services, following the direction of the strategic plan, operations will become more efficient, producing higher quality service. Leadership values and skills will be demonstrated at all levels, as authority, responsibility, and accountability are shared among all. Collaboration and integration of programs and functions will be encouraged, with cross-functional teams and task forces carrying out daily operations and planning wherever possible. The goals identified in the strategic planning process will be achieved through staff development and budget, personnel, and technology planning. Marketing and public relations will be geared to achieve optimal growth and development. All planning and activities will include outcome measures to assess success.

Visionary Educational Goals of the College

To be known for educational excellence, the college will:

  • Offer quality accessible transfer, technical and public service programs that can be completed in a timely manner and are supported by responsive student services.
  • Promote continuing education for faculty, staff and students.
  • Provide students the resources to realize their potential.
  • Provide quality remedial programs and services to support studentsí educational goals.
  • Attract, recruit and retain a diverse staff and student body representative of the communities served by the college.

To increase accessibility, the college will:

  • Meet the needs of working adults and other non-traditional students through flexible scheduling and distance education.
  • Make facilities available for community use.
  • Provide opportunities for life-long learning.
  • Establish satellite centers to serve local communities.
  • Enhance the cultural and intellectual growth of the community through arts and lecture programs.
  • Offer community education and summer youth programs.

To lead in the application of appropriate educational technology, the college will:

  • Develop the community, instructional and institutional potential of Gavilan College television and distance education.
  • Lead the region in public access educational television.
  • Promote electronic literacy and access.
  • Establish and maintain efficient campus telecommunications and data processing services to support research and development.
  • Use innovative technological facilities, resources, and ideas to enhance student learning.

To demonstrate involved and responsive community leadership, the college will:

  • Support the economic development of the community through business and industry partnerships in education.
  • Offer training programs that develop studentsí knowledge, skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • Encourage community members to participate in the collegeís growth and development through an active alumni association, the Educational Foundation, and other opportunities.
  • Develop Gavilan College television as a key component in the regionís public access and educational television operations.

To encourage innovative instruction, the college will:

  • Develop interdisciplinary courses and programs that help students recognize connections between disciplines.
  • Create college/community partnerships that offer students opportunities to investigate and conduct research within their communities.
  • Encourage academic risk-taking and collaboration among members of the campus learning community.
  • Develop resources to support campus programs through grants and the Gavilan Foundation.

To promote a harmonious learning and working environment, the college will:

  • Project the joy of learning, teaching and working at a small dynamic college.
  • Collaborate and cooperate for the common good in decision-making and planning.
  • Recognize the value of students, staff, and community through events, awards, and college-wide programs.


The Gavilan College campus in Gilroy was initially developed in 1966 and is located near the intersection of Santa Teresa Boulevard and Castro Valley Road in Gilroy. The 150-acre campus is situated against the rolling hills west of highway 101. This geographical location provides for one primary access route to the campus which is from Santa Teresa Boulevard.

The campus buildings are primarily one-story structures and include both permanent and temporary (portable) structures. A brief description of the major buildings on campus is as follows:

Administrative Services:

2,362 Gross Square Footage (GSF) housing the administrative offices for the President, Vice-President Instructional Services, financial aid, cashier and meeting room .


6,107 GSF housing instructional spaces for art, art gallery and related activities.

Art Lecture:

3,298 GSF of space also used for art and also large lecture classes.

Occupational Education

17,811 GSF, housing the prior automotive and current welding programs.

Student Center:

20,652 GSF housing many student service functions such as counseling and admissions and records, the bookstore, food services, lounge and student activities.

Child Development Center:

2,560 GSF of portable structures for the Child Development Program.

Life Science:

8,316 GSF that provides space for the natural science instructional program.


26,109 GSF that includes space for both the menís and womenís physical education/athletic program.


7,526 GSF that houses the cosmetology program.

Administration of Justice:

3,960 GSF of portable structures that is the location for the regional Administration of Justice program. (This leased space not included in the Collegeís Space Inventory).


14,460 GSF that houses the general business, accounting and related programs.

Library/Learning Resource Center:

38,801 GSF that includes the library, learning center, media classroom, EOPS, DSPS and exhibition/gallery space.

Social Science:

8,110 ASF housing the history, social science and related instructional programs.


11,620 GSF housing the theater/drama program.


5,600 GSF including lecture and laboratory facilities for chemistry.

Physical Science:

5,600 GSF including lecture and laboratory space for the physical sciences.


6,566 GSF that houses the humanities and related instructional disciplines.


5,741 GSF dedicated to maintenance, warehouse, receiving and related support functions.

Mayock House:

1,662 GSF used primarily for non-instructional, community activities.

Portables/Storage Structures:

50,027 GSF of space is listed on the current space inventory for other structures including storage facilities, portable structures and off-campus facilities in Morgan Hill and Hollister.

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