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Gavilan Joint Community College District
Governing Board Agenda

November 11, 2003
Consent Agenda Item No.
Old Business Agenda Item No.
New Business Agenda Item No.
Administrative Services
SUBJECT: †Revise Facility Master Plan Dated January 9, 2001
  Resolution:† BE IT RESOLVED,
  Information Only
 X  Action Item

That the Board approve a revision to the current Facility Master Plan dated January 9, 2001.


In January 2000, the Board approved the current Educational Master Plan. A primary objective of the Educational Master Plan is, "To provide the foundation for a facilities plan that supports the anticipated courses, programs and services of the college for the next decade and to assure that the plan is flexible enough to accommodate changes in instructional methodology, technology and delivery systems."

On January 9, 2001 the Board approved a Facilities Master Plan. The process included many meetings of the Governing Board Facilities Committee, the Facilities Master Plan Task Force (25 + members), and other interested individuals.

In an effort to update the Facilities Master Plan, in May 2003, the District Presidentís Council approved a list of top ten facility projects based on a survey that solicited input from students and staff. The District consultants reviewed the list in designing a community survey that was taken during June 2003. This information was than reviewed with staff during the Districtís staff development day.

A community questionnaire was than sent out to district residents to find out what the top priorities were for the District. The District also held three meetings with the volunteer Community Advisory Group.

All this information has been used to refine and develop the attached list of projects as an addendum and revision to the current Facilities Master Plan. The revision includes three critical determinations:

  1. In tough economic times, community colleges, including Gavilan College, are critically important to re-train people who want to expand their job skills;
  2. Statewide budget cuts are damaging Gavilan Collegeís ability to provide a high quality education for local students; and
  3. Because University of California and California State University systems are becoming more expensive, more people rely on community colleges, therefore Gavilan College must be upgraded so it can provide local students with a high quality education they might not otherwise receive.
Budgetary Implications:

None at this time.

Follow Up/Outcome:

Incorporate the approved revisions into an updated Facilities Master Plan dated November 11, 2003.

Recommended By: Dr. Steven M. Kinsella
Prepared By:  
  Joseph D. Keeler, Vice President of Administrative Services
Agenda Approval:  

Last modified: February 17, 2009
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