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California Community Colleges

CalWORKs 75/25
Work-study program

CalWORKs Work-study Program

Gavilan College provides employments training, subsidized work experience, child care and supportive services for CalWORKs students. Through State-funded grant, CalWORKs will pay up to 75% of the hourly wage and the employer will be responsible for the for the remaining portion. CalWORKs students are eligible for the program while they attend school. After the work-study time is finished, the employer is not obligated to continue employment. However, CalWORKs staff hopes that if the student is successful, the employer will want to make the student a regular employee.

How does it work?

Once a CalWORKs student is ready to enter the job market, the CalWORKs staff will work with the student to identify jobs that match his or her education and job skills. Employers who have jobs available in the matched area will then be identified as possible employment opportunities for CalWORKs students. When an employer agrees to consider one of the CalWORKs students, the College staff will refer qualified and pre-screened students to the employer. After the employer has interviewed and selected an applicant for the position, an agreement will be signed between the college and the business.

Why does the program exist?

The work-study program allows CalWORKs students to get employment training in the "real world". They also get a chance to complete their education and become more confident and economically self-sufficient. The long-term goal is to provide the student with an educational foundation and entry level job skills that will allow them to continue to grow personally and professionally.

Student benefits:

  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Learn how business works
  • Receive income while they continue to learn
  • Learn work ethics
  • Acquire workplace skills

Employer benefits:

  • Vocationally prepared and motivated college students
  • Pre-screened applicant
  • Minimal paper work
  • Personal service and follow up from CalWORKs staff
  • Significantly reduced wage contribution
  • An opportunity to assist CalWORKs students in becoming self-sufficient
  • Contribute to the community

For more information regarding Gavilan College CalWORKs 75/25 Work-study program,
please contact Annette Gutierrez at (408) 848-4798 or

Last modified: December 13, 2012
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