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For more information,
please call the EOPS /
CalWORKs office at:
(408) 848-4740

Extended Opportunity Programs
and Services (EOPS)

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is a California State funded student support services program. Our goal is to increase access, retention and transfer of students with social, economic, and educational challenges.

EOPS offers academic counseling, educational planning, priority registration, orientation, student success workshops, university fieldtrips, and book vouchers in order to facilitate student success.

As a potential EOPS student you may be eligible for the following services provided by our program:

  1. Counseling services are available to assist you with any career/vocational, academic, or personal counseling needs. Our counselors are committed to helping you with any questions you may have on transfer, educational plans, career or academic goals.
  2. Early registration before the regular college registration dates begin. You can register early to get the classes you need.
  3. On-site textbook lending library for your convenience and textbook checkout needs as well as book voucher.
  4. Transfer assistance to facilitate contact with 4-year college or university representatives, coordinate campus visits, application assistance, and fee waivers for the CSU and UC programs are available.
  5. Career Development employment information, referrals, and job-seeking skills.
  6. CARE, and CalWORKs are other programs within the department, which provide additional unique services to cash aid recipients.
  7. Join our EOPS Club for some fun, and participate in the social and cultural events that are planned throughout the school year.


An EOPS Application needs to be completed and an appointment made to determine eligibility and available space. Eligibility will be determined under the following criteria:

  • Student must qualify as economically disadvantaged, under the following income criteria:
Family Size 2014 Income
1 $17,505 or less
2 $23,595 or less
3 $29,685 or less
4 $35,775 or less
Add $6,030 for each additional family member.


Students must be educationally disadvantaged under ONE of the following criteria:

  • Not qualified for enrollment in to minimum level English or math applicable to associate degree
  • Did not graduate from high school or obtain GED
  • Graduated from high school with a GPA 2.5 or lower on a 4.0 scale
  • Previously enrolled in remedial education
  • Other factors set forth in district's plan submitted to Chancellor pursuant to section 56270 as follows:
    * First in family to graduate College
    * Member of underrepresented student group
    * Primary language spoken in home is not English
    * Emancipated foster care youth
Must be enrolled in 12 units or qualify for a special unit contract.
Last modified: July 23, 2015
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