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To Receive On-Campus Transportation:

1. Complete a Request for Services form. The Student must have an appropriate verified disability on file at the DRC office to receive this service.
Contact the Transportation Specialist for placement on the Tram Schedule.
3. Provide the Transportation Specialist, Irma Lopez (408-848-4875) with a copy of your class schedule and fill out the times and locations of desired pick up/drop off on this form.
4. This service will be provided upon a first come first need basis.  The Transportation Specialist for the DRC will arrange all on-campus transportation schedules, and make reasonable efforts to accommodate individual student needs.
Students must contact the Transportation Specialist in advance when they are absent from school or there are changes in transportation needs, at least 24 hours, if possible.  The tram driver is not responsible for changes to the schedule.
Transportation could be cancelled due to the driver’s absence or mechanical difficulties with the tram. Every effort will be made to provide this accommodation.
7. To arrange transportation for finals week, students will be required to turn in their schedules one (1) week in advance.  Later requests may be denied.
8. To make on-campus transportation services as efficient as possible, it is important that each student adheres to the above listed procedures.  Failure to comply three (3) times may result in the student being automatically dropped from the transportation schedule. The student will then have to restart the scheduling process again from Step 2.
9. Student questions regarding transportation should be addressed to the HTC Staff at (408) 848-4875.  If you are not able to reach anyone at this number you can call the DRC front desk at (408) 848-4767.
All college information or academic materials are available in alternate media upon request at (408) 848-4865.
For more DRC information, call 408-848-4865 or TTY at 408-846-4924.
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Last modified: January 24, 2015
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