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Gavilan's High Tech Center provides specialized courses, assistive software, adaptive equipment and trained staff to empower students with disabilities to meet their educational goals. The skills and knowledge a student gains in the High Tech Center can be taken to other campuses, universities and ultimately, to the work place.

The key to computer access is Assistive Computer Technology, hardware and software designed to provide effective, independent interaction between an individual with a disability and the computer. This new technology uses specialized hardware and software modifications to enhance student productivity. The technology, for example, permits blind students to "read" the screen, students with physical disabilities who cannot use their hands to "type" with their voice, and students with learning disabilities to improve their writing and reading comprehension.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Students with low vision can enlarge text and graphics on the monitor.
  • Students who are blind can use a screen reading program that reads the screen aloud via speech synthesizer.
  • Students with visual impairments and students with reading difficulties may learn to use a program that scans text and reads it aloud.
  • Students with reading difficulties may use a program, which highlights their writing on the monitors as it reads it aloud.
  • Students with learning disabilities may use automatic spelling and grammar checkers to improve their writing skills.
  • Students with severe physical disabilities may learn to use a speech recognition system or assistive software/equipment to access the computer.

Assistive Computer Technologies & Adaptive Equipment List

Assistive Technology Courses Offered:

Course Requirements: All these courses are intended for students with a verified disability that show a need for the use of assistive computer programs, adaptive equipment or demonstrated academic deficit.

CSIS 570 Computer Access Evaluation: This course is designed to provide the student with an in-depth computer access evaluation in order to determine an appropriate access environment.

CSIS 571 Computer Assisted Instruction: This course is an Assistive Computer Technology Lab designed for students who are eligible for Disability Resource Services. The course is designed to improve their basic academic, computer or cognitive skills through the use of appropriate software or to learn assistive devices designed to make computers accessible.

CSIS 572 Adaptive Computer Basics: This self-paced course includes an introduction to the basic concept of how computers work, using the computer keyboard, word processing, computer ethics and presentation graphics.

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Last modified: January 24, 2015
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