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1. You will be provided with an interpreter or captioner as requested for this semester.  Every effort will be made to place you with an appropriate interpreter/captioner to meet your communication needs.

2. If you feel that you cannot work with the interpreter/captioner, you will need to report the problem to the Deaf Services Coordinator to assess the problem.  If necessary, we will find a replacement.  It is important to remember that the number of interpreters/captioners in South County is low; therefore, we need to try to work with the available, qualified interpreters as best we can.

3. If you do not plan to go to class for whatever reason, email or call the Disability Resource Center Office 24 hours in advance or at your earliest convenience. TTY number is (408) 846-4924 or Voice number at (408) 848-4865. Email mlares@gavilan.edu.

4. If you are taking an evening class and our office is closed, please call the Associate Dean at (408) 848-4871. Interpreters/captioners require 24-hour advance notice.  Some of our interpreters/captioners drive from long distances. Please try your best to notify our office as soon as you know you will be absent.

5. Keep in mind that if you are consistently absent, or tardy to your classes, your instructor(s) has the ability to penalize your grade or drop you from the course, according to his/her grading procedures.

6. If you plan to drop a course, let us know as soon as possible.

7. If your interpreter/captioner does not show up, or is consistently late, please report to the Disability Resource Center Office at (408) 848-4865, and we will try to find help.  If you are taking an evening class, please contact (phone or email) the Associate Dean at (408) 848-4871 or the main office (408) 848-4865 during office hours 8am – 5pm. Email mlares@gavilan.edu.

8. Student questions regarding interpreting should be addressed directly to the DRC office.

If you do not comply with your student responsibilities, your DRC services may be interrupted.

All college information or academic materials are available in alternate media upon request at (408) 848-4865.
For more DRC information, call 408-848-4865 or TTY at 408-846-4924.
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Last modified: January 24, 2015
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