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  • Student requests for instructional information in alternate media should be directed to the Disability Resource Center (DRC) or the Vice President of Student Services. The DRC staff will be familiar with the guidelines for producing information in alternate media, know how to produce or obtain all types of alternate media as quickly as possible and have access to the equipment, materials and/or outside resources to produce alternate media. Student requests for instructional information in alternate media will receive primary consideration for production.

  • Requests for college-wide information (e.g., college catalog, schedules, brochures) in alternate media from students or the general public should also be sent to the DRC department or the VP of Student Services. College-wide information in alternate media will be made available upon request.

  • The college will provide materials of interest (e.g., student body communications, club information, newsletters) to a broad audience in alternate media upon request.

  • The DRC has established an internal procedure and form(s) for tracking requests for information in alternate media. (See attached DRC request form in PDF.) (See attached DRC request form in Microsoft Word.)

  • To ensure that instructional information is available when needed, students are encouraged to make requests for material in alternate media when they register for classes. The DRC offers Priority Registration for students registered within the program.

  • Priority will be given to instructional materials required or essential to the course. The determination of which materials are required is to be made by the instructor of the course in consultation with the DRC department.

  • Students who request information in Electronic-text (E-text) must show proof of textbook purchase prior to receiving the information in alternate media.

  • Students who request/require textbook scanning must provide a copy of the textbook. The scanning of textbooks as a means of providing instructional information in alternate media will necessitate the removal of the bookbinding. The book will be rebound with a spiral binding and returned to the student once it has been converted to alternate media.

  • Students who request information in an alternate format (such as audio, large print, Braille, or electronic text), through a contract provider or through an institutional membership (such as Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic) must sign an agreement stating that they will not share, copy or sell the material, and they will not allow anyone else to do so. Students must also return the information to the DRC at the end of the semester for which the information was requested especially if they sell their book.

  • Student requests for instructional information in alternate media will be processed as quickly as possible based upon the type of alternate media requested and the amount of information needing to be converted to an alternate text format. Delays in the selection, ordering and receipt of textbooks can have an impact on how quickly textbooks can be provided in alternate text formats; however, the college will do everything possible to ensure that students are provided with the information as quickly as possible.

  • Large requests for information in alternate media (such as entire textbooks) may be outsourced to the California Community College Alternate Text Production Center (ATPC). In order to get the information to the student as quickly as possible, it may be necessary for the ATPC to arrange to have the information (chapters) shipped to the college in installments that follow the course syllabus.

  • Every effort will be made to produce instructional materials such as syllabi, handouts, quizzes, tests and other course assignments in alternate media within a 3-5 (instructional) day timeframe. Audio and specialized formats (e.g., chemistry, music and mathematics) will require additional time for production.
  • Download the Internal Procedures in PDF
    Download the Internal Procedures in Word

    All college information or academic materials are available in alternate media upon request at (408) 848-4865.
    For more DRC information, call 408-848-4865 or TTY at 408-846-4924.
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