How to setup your Website and SFTP settings in Dreamweaver MX 2004.

1. In Dreamweaver, go to Site > New Site from the menu bar.
Make sure you are in the Basic mode. Give your Gavilan website a name, click Next.

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2. Unless you are coding PHP, ASP or JSP, choose No and click Next.

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3. We recommend that you keep a local copy of your website on your computer; choose the first option.

Where on your computer do you want to store your files?

Click the folder icon to browse to where you store your files locally and pick that folder. Click Next.

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4. This step is the most essential setting for setting up your Gavilan website, the other steps are optional and up to your preference.

How do you connect to your remote server?
choose FTP

What is the hostname or FTP address of your Web server?

If your website is your personal Gavilan staff or faculty web account, type for the hostname.
If your website is a department or facility or service of the college, type for the hostname.

What is your FTP login:

Type in the FTP login you are given for your account.

What is your FTP password:

Type in your password for your login.

Make sure you check "Save" and "Use Secure FTP". Click "Test Connection".

If a connection is established, click Next.

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5. If you are the only person editing your website, choose No and click Next.

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6. Review your settings and make sure they are what you picked, click Done.

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