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Every effort will be made to ensure that all web pages associated with Gavilan Community College, including on-line course web pages, are accessible to students with disabilities. Gavilan College follows the 508 web standards listed on WebAIM's Section 508 Checklist.

When pages are found to be inaccessible for students with disabilities, an alternative format will be provided to ensure that they are not denied access to information available to everyone else. If a page is found to be inaccessible, the instructor working with the Distance Coordinator or the HTC Instructor is responsible in making the page accessible. If a technical solution is not possible, it is the instructor's responsibility to provide the information in an alternative format which is accessible to the student. DRC specialists may serve in an advisory capacity to this end.

You can do the following and see how well you are able to navigate and access all of the information on your web page:

1. turn off images
2. turn off the sound
3. change the font size
4. set screen resolution to 640x480
5. change the display color to black and white
6. put away the mouse and tab through the links and form controls on your webpage.

A. For step by step instructions, follow the guidelines below:

1. Evaluate your sites for web accessibility using either online sources or programs available in theTeaching Learning Center (Library Upstairs Mezzanine) or the DRC's High Tech Center (Library 105).

a. You can use:

b. For an introduction to web accessibility, see the WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind) site at: http://www.webaim.org/intro/ or the article on Accessible Design for Users With Disabilities by Jakob Nielson.

c. Bring your web page or web address to the Teaching Learning Center or the DRC's High Tech Center.

1. AccVerify & AccRepair Programs

a. Run your page through the AccVerify program and generate a report.
b. If your page needs to be repaired, you can run your page through the AccRepair program.
c. Once your web page is accessible, you can directly upload it with the AccVerify program.
(Make sure you bring your login & password.)
d. You can verify a single web page, a folder and/or a whole site.

2. Contribute Users

a. Send Key (Email it to yourself or bring it to LRC on electronic media)
b. Contribute & Accessibility

3. Dreamweaver CS4 / CS5 Users

a. Turn on Accessibility features
b. SFTP Setup
c. Dreamweaver Accessibility Document

B. Resources

All college information or academic materials are available in alternate media upon request at (408) 848-4865.
For more DRC information, call 408-848-4865 or TTY at 408-846-4924.
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Last modified: Januay 24, 2015
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