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So you're getting ready for next semester and you'd like to import
your course to the new semester....

import definition

We are starting a new method of importing your old semester, starting with Fall 2015.


What semester is your OLD course?

Is this course crosslisted?                        

How to import your course yourself:

Step 1. Find your NEW course and enter it

Confirm you have the right semester, CRN and that the course is empty.

Step 2. In the Administration block, click 'Import'


Step 3. Pick out your OLD Course

  • Make sure the semester, course, and CRN are correct
  • If you can't find it on the list, type the CRN in the search box and click 'Search'.

  • When you have the right one, click 'Continue'.

Choose old course

Step 4. Choose what to include

  • Most of the content of your course is "Activities and Resources". So keep that box checked.
  • If you know that you use "blocks" or any special calendar events, you can leave those checked. Otherwise, uncheck them.
  • If you've created quizzes with questions, you'll want to leave "Question Bank" checked.

  • Click "Next" to continue.


Step 5. Clean up your course, and exclude any Turnitin assignments.

  • Unfortunately, you can't bring Turnitin assignments over.
  • Look through the list of activities, and uncheck anything you don't want to copy over.
  • Uncheck any turnitin assignments. You must re-create them. Otherwise they will break.

  • When you get to the bottom of the list, click "Next".


Step 6. Confirmation

This screen will just verify you've chosen well. Glance through the course again, and make sure everything looks okay.

Be sure you didn't include any Turnitin assignments. When you're ready, click "Perform Import".

Perform import


Step 7. Import Completed!

Depending on how big your shell is, the system will work for awhile. It should finish and give you a link back into your class.

Request a Shell Copy

The OLD shell, what are we copying FROM:

What is the URL of the OLD shell?

I don't know what a URL is....

Looking for shells before 2015?


What is the Department and number of this course?
(Ex: ACCT 20)

The NEW Shell will be used in:
What is the section number of this upcoming class?

If you'd like multiple sections in the same shell, list all section numbers.

If the course is cross-listed, please list all section numbers.

Any other requests or things we should know about?

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*More than one shell? Please fill out the form once per shell.