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Digital Media Program —>shortcut to Fall 2015 Info in New News!

Gavilan has cancelled some Digital Media classes for this Fall due to low enrollment. Check the schedule regularly for information. Go to your class unless you received a phone call saying the class was cancelled. If you need a fun class to take try DM 60 Intro. to Animation.

Classes relavent to Digital Media currently available are:

  • DM 77 Introduction to Digital Media
  • DM 75 Photoshop I
  • DM 60 Introduction to Animation
  • CST 236 Computers for Artists--CSUMB course that you can take at Gavilan prices
  • DM 6 Web Page Editing
  • DM 73 Desktop Publishing: InDesign
  • CSIS 24 Java Programming I
  • CSIS 42 Python Programming
  • Art 80 Photography

Special Event for Fall 2015

Hartnell will host the second T5 CSUMB/Gavilan/Hartnell GAME JAM on October 24 & 25. Stay tuned for more info as it develops. This is sure to be a super event. Check New News updates.

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Last modified: August 29, 2015
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