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Career/Transfer Counselor
Vania Parakati
office: (408) 848-4818
fax: (408) 848-4801

Office Location
Career/Transfer Resource Center
Gavilan College
5055 Santa Teresa Blvd.
Gilroy, CA 95020

Frequently Asked Questions


You have already met with a counselor to determine eligibility for transfer, you have selected a four-year college or university that offers a degree in your major, and you are ready to roll your sleeves up and do what is necessary to ensure a smooth transition. The following information will be a helpful guide through this process:


  • Complete and file application during priority periods.  All UC and CSU applications are online.  Keep in mind that if you file electronically you shouldn't do so the last day of filing because the traffic-jam on the web site is intense.  When completing the application, be thorough and accurate.  Don't guess your transferable grade point average but rather calculate it out or get assistance from a counselor.
  • Register for exams that are appropriate for you.  If you're transferring as a junior, the only exam you may be required to take is a writing test.  Call the university admissions office or check the catalog for specifics.
  • Request that all college transcripts be sent to the school of application.  You must send transcripts of all course work attempted, regardless of grades or completion of courses.  Failure to do so may jeopardize your admission.
  • Special admission programs may require additional applications or procedures.  Auditions are required of Dance, Music, and Theater Arts majors.  Portfolios are required of Architecture, Design, and Art majors.  Impacted programs will require a supplemental admissions application, reference letters, an essay, autobiography, or a letter of interest. Please check the university catalog or call the major department for details.  Keep photocopies of documents sent to the university.


  • File by the deadline dates.  You can pick up a federal financial aid application from any Financial Aid office.  Keep a photocopy of the application for your records.  Gavilan College Financial Aid Office can help with any questions you may have.
  • Check with the Gavilan College Scholarship office for scholarship information and applications. Call the university and major department and ask for scholarship information.
  • Be prepared to provide copies of your income information to the Financial Aid Office.


  • Contact the housing office to determine your off-campus and on-campus options.
  • Request housing application and ask about deadlines.


  • Purchase a college catalog and read it carefully.
  • Register to attend any orientation programs.
  • Schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor from your major department.  Discuss course selections and the possibilities of declaring a minor or a concentration.
  • When you meet with an advisor, go prepared with questions and take all of your transcripts.


  • Keep copies of all documents you submit to the university.
  • Read all of your correspondence from the university about your admission status.

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UC Transfer-bound - should you follow the IGETC?

CSU Transfer-bound - should you follow the IGETC or the CSU GE?

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A Transfer Admissions Agreement is a formal agreement between a student in attendance at Gavilan College and a receiving baccalaureate granting institution to which the student intends to transfer. The agreement guarantees admission to a transfer university a year in advance for the fall semester. It may also guarantee admission into a major. Because the requirements of universities vary, it is advisable that students consult a counselor for more detailed information.

View Transfer Agreements

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Students planning to transfer mid-year must first check to see if the university accepts mid-year transfers. To find this information you can call the university or check the Application Status Reports provided by CSU (csumentor) and UC (pathways).

Meet with a counselor to ensure you will complete general education and major preparation requirements before transferring.

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Students who have been following the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) must request for a certification through the admissions office before transferring. Submit your request during your last semester of attendance at Gavilan.

Keep in mind that you must complete all of the areas on the IGETC for a certification. In some cases, a partial IGETC certification is possible. A petition for Eligibility to Complete IGETC After Transfer must be submitted and approved prior to certifying a partial IGETC. Usually only students that have no more than two courses pending and "good cause" such as illness, unavailable or canceled courses, or unexpected hardships are eligible to submit the petition.

ALL students are strongly encouraged to plan their courses carefully to ensure a full IGETC certification is possible before transferring. Meet with your counselor to verify completion of IGETC prior to registering for classes.

High school transcripts must be on file with the admissions office if you plan to use high school foreign language courses or any Advance Placement (AP) scores to fulfill the IGETC requirements.

The Gavilan Admissions and Records office will automatically send you a copy of the certification and a final transcript with your initial request.

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Students who followed the California State University General Education (CSU GE) pattern should request a certification from the Gavilan admission office before transferring.

Completion of Areas A-E on the general education pattern will constitute a full GE certification. This certification verifies that you have completed the lower-division general education requirements. Partial GE certifications are also available.

Submit your request for a GE certification during your last semester of attendance at Gavilan. The Gavilan Admissions and Records office will automatically send you a copy of the certification and a final transcript with your initial request.


  • What is the California State University (CSU) General Education (GE) Requirement?
    • The CSU GE requirement is a pattern of course work that fulfills one of the requirements for earning a bachelor's degree from the California State University. As many as 39 of these lower division units may be completed at a community college. At least nine-twelve units must be taken at the Cal State upper division level after transfer.
  • Is the General Education pattern an admission requirement?
    • No. The General Education pattern is not an admission requirement but it is one of number of CSU requirements for earning a bachelor's degree. Community college students are advised to complete at least 39 lower division units of the requirement in addition to the preparation for the major.
  • What if I don't complete the entire General Education before enrolling at CSU?
    • If general education courses are not completed and certified prior to transfer, students must meet the lower division general education requirements of the areas not certified for the CSU campus to which they transfer. This may mean that students could be required to take additional GE courses at the transfer institution because the courses required may be slightly different.

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