Gavilan College


ECON 2: (6088) Principles of MicroEconomics


Spring 2007


Instructor: Ali Shokou Class Room: MHG3


Phone: (408) 390-9060 Time: Sat 09:00am to 12:05pm

Required Text: 1-McConnell, Brue

Microeconomics, 16th Ed/ McGraw Hill

MSBN: 0-07-287561-5

2- Assignment Booklet

(I have left a copy of both required materials in the library as a reference)

Office Hours: I am usually at the college about half an hour early -

and also by arrangement or over the phone.


Final Exam: Sat. May 19, 2007


Grading Policy


A. Exam 1 100 Points (18.18%) A=90-100%

B. Exam 2 100 Points (18.18%) B=80-89%

C. Exam 3 100 Points (18.18%) C=70-79%

(One mid-term exam, out of 3, with the lowest grade, will be dropped.) D=60-69%

C. Final Exam 150 points (27.28%) F=below 60%

D. Attendance, Participation, and over all assessment

(Attendance and homework are the most significant, among others)

100 points (18.18%)

E. Assignments 100 points (18.18%)

(Two assignments, out of total, with the lowest grades, will be dropped.)


TOTAL SCORE 550 points (100%)



Once you have been officially registered, a student wanting to drop the course must initiate the drop procedure with the "drop card". If you do not intend to meet the course requirements, you are personally responsible to drop the course prior to the last "drop date" in order to avoid receiving a failing grade of "F."


Important Dates

Last day to ADD a class Wed. Feb 6, 2007

Last day to drop and receive a REFUND Wed. Feb 14 2007

"NRS" Deadline Fri. Mar 2, 2007

"W" Deadline Fri. Apr 27, 2007



It is extremely important not to mess any of the sessions. If, at any time during the term, you accumulate three or more absences, you may be dropped.


Special Accommodations

If you have learning or physical need that will require special accommodations, please let me know.


Commitment to Learning Process

I am very concerned that there is a climate of "academic honesty". No cheating will be tolerated. If there is anything that I can do to help you achieve your goals, please share with me.

Further, I believe that by working together we can create a learning environment where your creative, analytical, and critical thinking and communication skills can be explored and expanded upon. It is also my conviction that there is no such thing as a "dumb" question or answer and there is more than one right solution for any situation. It is my intention to be more of a facilitator than an instructor.

We will discuss the economic theories and policies, as well are real life and world related issues.

I hope the information and knowledge you gain from this class will serve you throughout your life. The hard work, time and energy you put forth here is an investment in your future. Through your efforts, you will gain insight into economics as a method of thought, and this will aid you greatly in the years to come when you will be making important decisions affecting your financial, professional and personal live.


ASSIGNMENT: Tentative Schedule




Week 1 The Nature and Method of Economics 1

Week 2 Graphs and Their Meaning Appendix

Week 2 The Economic Problem 2

Week 3 Understanding individual Markets: Demand and Supply 3

Week 4 Reviewing previous chapters

Week 5 FIRST EXAM (1, 2, & 3)


Week 5 & 6 Demand and Supply: Elasticity and Gov't-Set Prices 7

Week 6, 7 & 8 The Cost of Production 9 Week 9 SECOND EXAM (7 & 9)


Week 9 Pure Competition 10

Week 10 Pure Monopoly 11

Week 11 Monopolistic Competition 12

Week 12 Oligopoly 12

Week 13 THIRD EXAM (10, 11,&12)

Week 14 Government and Market Failure 17 Week 15 International Trade 24

Week 16 Exchange Rates, the Balance of Payments,

and Trade Deficits 25

Week 17 FINAL EXAM (17, 24, & 25)