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Online Counseling Waiver

At Gavilan College, we take your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information very seriously. Unfortunately, due to the public nature of the internet, it is impossible for us to guarantee complete privacy during your online counseling sessions.

Online counseling is conducted over unencrypted email, and is thus vulnerable to "electronic eavesdropping" at any point between your computer and Gavilan's network. We will not permit you to transmit social security numbers or credit card information over this link. It is up to you to use your discretion and common sense as to how much personal information you communicate over email.

In other words, don't e-mail anything that you wouldn't put on a postcard.

I acknowledge the limitations inherent in ensuring confidentiality of information transmitted through online counseling and  I agree to waive the privilege of confidentiality with respect to any confidential information transmitted through online counseling that may be accessed by any third party without my authorization and despite the reasonable efforts by the Gavilan College counseling faculty and staff to arrange a secure online environment.




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Last updated: August 3. 2009
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