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Gavilan College - Guidance Courses

Please note that the official version of this list is located online in the Gavilan College Course Catalog. Gavilan College counseling faculty teach the following courses:

Guidance 1 

     Self-Assessment and Career Development

     Units: 3 Hours:3 Lecture

     Advisory: Eligible for English 250 and English 260.

     Transferable: CSU; CSU-GE, E2; AA/AS, E2

This course is designed to assist the student in learning more about personal values, personality, interests, exploration of career choice, and occupational opportunities through the use of various personal assessment instruments. The delivery options for this course also include online and self-paced formats. This course is also listed as PSYC 5. 

Guidance 6

     Life Skills for Higher Education

     Units: 2 Hours: 2 Lecture

     Advisory: Eligible for English 250 and English 260.

     Transferable: CSU; GAV GE - AA/AS, E2

Evaluation and application of academic study methods to achieve subject matter mastery. Development of critical thinking skills, and application of reading, writing, note taking and test taking methods to improve personal strategies. Exploration of personal lifestyles and health factor, including the causes and management of stress, as it reates to academic success. Topics covered include creative and realistic goal setting, academic and life management, college and community resources, library and internet use, time management, and learning styles.

Guidance 200

     Planning College Success

     Units: .5-2 Hours: 2 Lecture

     Transferable: No

Course is designed to enable students to plan a successful college experience. Content includes degree, major, graduation and transfer requirements. Skills necessary for academic success are presented and practiced. Students will learn general principles about libraries and the search for information. College support services will be identified and utilized during the course. This is a variable unit course; students will earn .5 unit of credit for every 9 hours of participation.

Guidance 210

     College Orientation

     Units: .5 Hours: 1 Lecture

     Transferable: No

Students will acquaint themselves with college and university requirements, educational alternatives, and strategies for academic success. An orientation to Gavilan College programs, services, policies, and facilities will be covered. Students will participate in a basic skills assessment, develop an individualized educational plan, and prepare for enrollment and registration activities. This is a credit/no credit course. 

Guidance 251

     College Survival Skills

     Units: 1 Hours: 1 Lecture

     Transferable: No

A course designed to assist students to adjust to the college environment and the learning process. This course will concentrate on the personal and academic skills necessary for educational success. This is a redit/no credit course. 

Guidance 300
     Preparation for Work

     Units: .5-1 Hours: 3 Laboratory

     Transferable: No

This course is designed to provide a structured, self-directed, competency-based process for students who need individualized assistance in improving communication skills, defining career goals, and obtaining essential job seeking skills. This is a credit/no credit course.

Course offerings vary by semester, please check the class schedule for current offerings.


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