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Frequently Asked Questions

My Degree Works FAQ
myDegreeWorks F.A.Q.'s

Admissions and Registration

How do I register? The Admissions and Records office has information to help you complete the online college application. It will take about 3-5 days to process your college application and then you can obtain your Gavilan ID and Personal Indentification Number. Access the First-Time User link for specific directions on how to get your GAV ID and PIN. Please review the guide for New Students without college experience or for New to Gavilan with college experience for specific steps to help you with the enrollment process.

How much will it cost to register for classes? The cost to register for classes is determined by the number of units you select and your residency status. There are also other fees that you must calculate to the total cost of registration (Health fee, Student Representation fee, parking fee, etc). An easy to follow cost grid is included in the Schedule of Classes and online. Don't forget to find out if you qualify for a fee waiver, if eligible, the fee waiver can cover the majority of the registration expenses. The Financial Aid Office can assist you with the necessary forms.

How do I select my courses? Most students select courses based on their interests, educational, or career goals. You are encouraged to read course descriptions included in the class schedule to get a good idea about the content of the class. Doing so, can help you determine whether you will enjoy the topic being taught. Often students use the general education course patterns as guides, especially if earning an associates degree or planning to transfer to a four-year institution. Counselors can also review your placement test scores, high school and college records, as a means to help identify some courses that would be beneficial for you during your first semester of attendance. New students must attend a Kick-Start Session, students with prior college experience are also encouraged to attend a session, as the sessions will review how to select courses and an abbreviated educational plan will be created.

Do I have to meet with a counselor before I register for classes? Technically you don't have to meet with a counselor before you register for courses, unless:

  • you are on academic probation or dismissal status,
  • planning to enroll in more than 18 units (Sp or Fall) or 5 units (Summer),
  • you plan to take a course that has a prerequisite which was not successfully completed at Gavilan, or
  • you are a high school student or an international student.

Is it a good idea to see a counselor before you register for courses? We think so. A counselor can assist you with course placements, placement test interpretation, and academic planning. A counselor can answer questions regarding course selections, degree or certificate requirements, and set you at ease knowing that you are taking "courses that will count" toward your identified goals.

How can I clear a course pre-requisite? A counselor can determine if you have satisfied a course pre-requisite by reviewing transcripts and test scores. Often students complete course work at other colleges or have qualifying scores on AP, CLEP, or IB exams that could satisfy a pre-requisite. This course work or test results must be reviewed and approved by a Gavilan counselor to clear a prerequisite. Once it has been established that the pre-requisite is satisfied, the counselor will clear the computer system to allow you to use to online registration system.  Planning ahead is the key if you want to enroll when the registration system opens. Students who need a prerequisite cleared for Winter/Spring term enrollment should meet with a counselor in November; for Summer/ Fall term enrollment, meet with a counselor in April.

Can I register first and then complete the Kick-Start Session? Yes, only if you have prior college experience. New students, students who have never attended college, must complete the Kick-Start Session PRIOR to meeting with a counselor. Students can access the online Kick-Start Session at any time. Upon completing the online Kick-Start quiz, you will then be able to meet with a counselor. In addition, once you complete GUID 210 - New College Student Seminar you will be eligible to participate in "Priority Registration" the following semester (in other words, you get to register for the next term prior to the regular, open registration dates - before new students are allowed!).

Counseling Services

How can a counselor help me? Counselors are available for academic, career, vocational, transfer, and personal counseling services. Counselors can help you clarify your educational and career goals and help you design a pathway to reach your goals. Counselors are also knowledgeable of campus and community resources. Schedule a counseling appointment online.

What is the difference between a scheduled appointment and walk-in/drop-in counseling? Scheduled appointments are individual, confidential, 30 minute sessions with a counselor. Students are required to schedule appointments to have transcripts evaluated, evaluate for transfer agreements, petition for graduation, and develop an educational plan. Walk-in/Drop-in counseling is appropriate for students who have concerns or questions that can be addressed in a 10 minute session with a counselor.

Can the online counselor assist me with all my needs? The online counselor can help in many ways, please view the web site for details. Keep in mind that you will have to schedule a counseling appointment if you want to develop an educational plan and have your transcripts evaluated. The online counselor cannot provide you with placement test results or clear prerequisites.

Academic Records (Transcripts)

Who can evaluate my transcripts and tell me just where I stand regarding my transfer or degree plans? A counselor can evaluate your transcripts and tell you where you stand in relationship to your goals. Make sure you schedule a counseling appointment during the semester to have an evaluation conducted. Transcript evaluations cannot take place during Walk-in/Drop-in Service as a 10 minute counseling session is insufficient time to conduct a thorough evaluation. Counseling appointments are available from September-December and February-May - plan ahead.

How do I get a copy of my transcripts from high school or other schools/colleges I've attended? Contact the schools you have attended and request for the institutions to send your transcripts directly to Gavilan College, Admissions and Records Office: 5055 Santa Teresa Blv., Gilroy, CA 95020. 

How do I know if Gavilan College has all my transcripts from all the schools or colleges I have attended? You can check with the Admissions Office at Gavilan during non-peak registration times. Keep in mind that if you want a counselor to evaluate your records, the Gavilan Admissions office must have official transcripts on file.

How do I get a copy of my Gavilan transcripts? As long as you have a GAV ID and PIN, you can access your student portal and request transcripts online. If you do not have your GAV ID or PIN, contact the Gavilan College Admission office and complete the required Transcript Request Form, allow for at least 5 working days for your request to be processed.

Degree and Certificate Programs

mydegree works

How do I know if the classes I took at another college count toward my degree at Gavilan? A counselor will need to evaluate all of your academic records before credit can be awarded. Counselors can require students to provide course descriptions for the lower-division work completed at other colleges prior to awarding credit at Gavilan College. Once credit is awarded, you will be able to view how the credit was applied and determine what courses are needed for completion through a degree audit system call My DegreeWorks. Directions on how to use you MyDegree Works is available.

A word of caution for students who have completed upper-division course work at universities or colleges: Upper-division unit credit can not be used for the requirements of an Associates degree, general education certification, lower-division major preparation, certificates, or electives - this restriction is described on Title 5 section 55805.5. of the Education Code. Please see a counselor for additional information.

I am interested in the Nursing Program. How do I get general information and a Nursing program application? The Allied Health Department has an excellent web site that will provide you with all the information you need regarding the Nursing program. The applications for both the LVN and RN program are available on the Allied Health website. To determine your standing in relationship to the program requirements, you will need to schedule a counseling appointment. Be sure to hand-carry copies of all course work completed at colleges other than Gavilan if you know that your official transcripts were not sent to the Gavilan Admissions Office.

How do I find out if I am eligible for a degree or certificate? You can view your My DegreeWorks account (accessed through Self-Service Banner), look in the college catalog to see if you have completed all the required course work for a degree or a certificate, or you can schedule an appointment with a counselor for a graduation evaluation. The counselor can also assist you with the graduation petition.

What certificate programs does Gavilan offer? Our catalog will provide you with a comprehensive listing of our certificate programs, including descriptions and possible job opportunities within the field.

Is it possible to complete a certificate and a degree at the same time? Yes, it is possible to complete a certificate, an associates degree, and also transfer if that is what you wish to do. Planning is the key to ensuring that you meet your educational goals. Meet with a counselor who can develop an educational plan with you. Once you develop your educational plan with a counselor, you will be able to view it online through your My DegreeWorks account.


I am planning to transfer to a four-year college or university. How do I make sure that all the classes I am taking at Gavilan will count toward meeting my goals? There are two options for you: 1) go to and review the articulation agreements Gavilan has with many transfer institutions; and/or 2) schedule a counseling appointment with a counselor for a transfer evaluation. The counselor will create an educational plan that will outline remaining requirements. The plan will be accessible to you online.

Aside from completing my General Education requirements before transferring, is there anything else I should be doing? Yes, you should complete the requirements for your intended transfer major and ensuring that you have a strong GPA. Some majors have an extensive preparation program and therefore it is highly advisable for you to declare a major and meet with a counselor to identify the courses you must complete at Gavilan prior to transferring.

How do I figure out what general education program I should be following (IGETC, CSU, or Campus Specific)? The choice will depend on several factors: your intended major at your transfer institution, your choice of school, and whether you are prepared to select a transfer institution. When undecided about a major or transfer institution, it is advisable to follow the IGETC general education pattern. IGETC is accepted at all the Universities of California (UC's) and California State Universities (CSU's). A counselor can help identify the pattern that is most suitable for your intended transfer goals. Schedule an appointment during your first semester of attendance. Once you have decided, you will reflect that choice by going to Self-Service Banner, under the Student tab, you will formally identify the GE pattern you wish to follow to completion.

How can I find out if a course I completed at another community college or college will be accepted at the transfer institution of my choice? You can go to to find out this information. Articulation agreements for community colleges and colleges are listed on this web site.

Educational Plan

What is an educational plan? This is a semester-by-semester plan that will list all the courses you need to complete in order to reach your intended educational goal. An educational plan is a valuable planning tool that will help you understand what you must do to meet graduation, transfer, or certificate requirements. The plan is created by a counselor with your input. The plan will be accessible to you online, on your MyGav account, on myDegreeWorks. All new students will be required to have an educational plan to keep priority registration status. All students who register for GUID 210 and GUID 6 will complete an educational plan during course enrollment.

How do I get a plan? Schedule a counseling appointment for an educational plan. Make sure that you bring to your counseling appointment transcripts from schools you have attended, including high school transcripts. The counselor will ask you questions regarding your career and educational goals. The plan will be accessible to you, on the web, via your Self-Service Banner-My Gav account on degree works

How often should the plan be reviewed? Ideally the educational plan should be updated every semester or at least once per academic year. It is important to update the plan when goals change or when you are having academic difficulties. You can view your plan 24/7 on your Self-Service Banner-My Gav account on myDegreeWorks.

Academic Issues

How do I apply for Academic Renewal? In accordance with state guidelines, academic renewal may be accomplished in one of two ways: Repeating a failed course or petitioning for a renewal of terms. Please read the college policy (Academic Information link, page 42 - PDF document) regarding the options available to you. If you meet the criteria for Academic Renewal, please print the petition, complete the form, sign it, and mail it to the Gavilan College Admissions Office (5055 Santa Teresa Blvd., Gilroy, CA 95020) for review. The Admissions office will route the form to a counselor for review and will notify you of the disposition of the petition.

I got a letter regarding my Academic Dismissal. What do I do now? Please complete the Petition for Readmissions form and review your petition with a counselor. The petition must be approved 30 days prior to a start of a term - you are held to strict deadlines. Students who are on dismissal status have the last registration dates and can only register for open courses.

I got a letter informing me that I am on Academic Probation. What do I do? You will need to review your status with a counselor to develop an academic improvement plan. It is critical that you understand the consequences of your academic probation status and how it can lead you to dismissal status. Review the academic standards (Academic Information link, page 42) established by the college.

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