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Crisis Intervention and Self-Help Resources

South County Collaborative Resource Guide - list of contacts for those needing assistance or resouces for the following services: dental, drug & alcohol, food, cash assistance, health, insurance, legal, etc. Resource Guide updated September 2011.

24-hour Crisis Lines:

Santa Cruz and San Benito County 831-458-5300
Santa Clara County 1-855-278-4204 (Crisis & Suicide Hotline)
South County Self Help Center 408.686.2365
Community Solutions (South County) 408-683-4118

Additional Resources

  • Alcohol Referral Hotline
  • Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Alcohol and Drug Screening Information & Drug Referral


  • 24-Hour Rape Crisis Lines:
    408-779-2115 Santa Clara County

831-637-7233 San Benito County

  • Dial: 211 - Santa Clara County Help line - free assistance, 24 hours a day in 170 languages
  • Gavilan College Health Services - A great resource for individuals looking for information on a variety of topics ranging from physical, emotional, to social health issues.
  • The Student Counseling Virtual Collection
    This site is sponsored by the University of Chicago and provides excellent links on a variety of topics. Individuals looking for information on Anger, Assertiveness, Depression, Eating Disorders, Grief, Sleep, Traumatic Events, and Wellness should start by browsing through the Virtual Pamphlet.
  • Veteran and Family - Counseling ServicesHalf of Us  College student oriented mental health site, information, assessment, referral & advocacy for depression, bipolar, suicide, eating disorders, anxiety, stress, AoD, cutting, etc.  Lots of stories & videos, inc. college athletes and student veterans
  • National Mental Health Association
    The National Mental Health Association provides resources and data regarding college student depression and other mental health issues.
  • National Institute of Mental Health
    The National Institute of Mental Health provides information regarding Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, Depression, and other mental health concerns.
  • CHADD - Children and Adults with ADD  Comprehensive site on ADD / ADHD, including info for college students, parents
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