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Guide for Veterans


The Counseling department is proud to welcome our Veterans to Gavilan College. This guide is designed to help you understand the enrollment process, the services you are entitled to receive, and the campus/community resources available to assist you with your academic and career goals.

Step One:

Complete a college application and turn it in to the Admissions Office (online or in-person) - allow 8 days or more for processing.

Take the College Assessment (placement test), a schedule of test dates is available online, your college application must be processed prior to scheduling a test date.

Obtain your Gavilan ID and PIN by going to Self-Service Banner and click on Get your Gavilan ID and Pin. If you are unable to retrieve you Gav ID, try again after the 8 business days it takes to process a college application.

Complete the College Online Orientation or attend the in-person Orientation sessions (if available). The orientation is designed to give you a general understanding of what the college has to offer, its programs, services, policies, and procedures. New students (students who have never attended college) must complete the college orientation prior to meeting with a counselor.

Tour the campus, get to know your surroundings, you will feel right at home!

Print Admission checklist for new students and follow instructions.

Take a copy of your DD214 directly to the Financial Aid Office and obtain a Veteran's Packet.


Step Two:

Read the Schedule of Classes and Catalog - available online, Admissions Office, or Bookstore.

If you have not done so, obtain your Gavilan Id and Pin number; your college application must be processed to access this information.

Identify courses that you find interesting and make a list of questions that you may want to ask a counselor. Check the Frequently Asked Questions link found on the counseling homepage for answers to common questions.

Submit to the Financial Aid department your VA packet and verify that your tuition expenses will be covered by your benefits.

Use the Online Booking system to schedule a counseling appointment. If appointments are not available you can see a counselor on Walk-in Service.  Check Location and Service Hours for counselor availability. Only Walk-in services are available during January, June, July, and August.

Collect a copies of all college transcripts (military or civilian).

Step Three:

Meet with a counselor to review assessment results and prior academic records.

Always have all your academic records (high school) and test scores (Gavilan Assessment or Advance Placement Test Scores) on your person when meeting with a counselor.

Print the College Credit for Military Experience form and complete the student section. Attach a copy of your DD214 to the form and hand-carry these documents to your counseling session.

Review how Military Credit is awarded.

Be prepared to review your educational goals, interests, and first-semester course selections when you meet with a counselor.

Counselors can answer many questions and address concerns that you may have regarding course selections, unit loads, finances, or any other issue that may influence your decision to enroll at Gavilan College. Be sure to ask your questions!

The counselor will develop an educational plan. The educational plan is required by the Financial Aid office to process your VA educational benefits. The counselor will develop a One-Term educational plan and will require you to return for a follow-up appointment.

The Veterans Office will be able to access your educational plan online. There is no need for you to send a copy.

Discuss with your counselor which student service program may be suitable for you.


Step Four:

If you have recently departed from active service (within 2 years), you will be allowed to participate in PRE-Priority Registration (check the Class Schedule for specific dates). Confirm with the Veteran's Office that you are eligible.

Register for your classes online by using the Self-Service registration. You will need your Gavilan ID and Pin to use the online registration system.

Register for the courses the counselor listed on your educational plan. The Veteran's Office will verify that you enrolled in the courses listed on your plan.

The counselor who developed your educational plan will be the counselor assigned to update your plan. Schedule a counseling appointment at least once per term or when there is a change to your schedule or goals.

Once you are registered, you have completed the entire matriculation process.



Campus & Community

Gavilan College Health Services - A great resource for individuals looking for information on a variety of topics ranging from physical, emotional, to social health issues.

ACE Military Guide - Review how military credit and occupations are evaluated for college credit

GoArmyEd - Assistance with educational expenses.

A new suicide prevention hotline for Marines is available in California. The DStressline (1‐877‐476‐7734) provides counseling for Marines and their family members.

One-Stop Resource Guide - Crisis hotline, prevention services, TBI information

Veteran's Assistance - Mental Health Information

Veteran and Family - Counseling Services

Veteran Resources - Operation Welcome Home ; Crisis Line

Transitions from Military Career - Career Options

Study Skills - assessments, strategies for improving study habits

Last modified: September 28, 2011
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