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Transfer Admissions Agreements


A Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), is a formal agreement between a student in attendance at Gavilan College and a receiving baccalaureate granting institution to which the student intends to transfer. The agreement guarantees admission to a transfer university a year in advance for a fall term admission. A TAG may also guarantee admission into a major. Because the requirements of universities vary, it is advisable that students consult a counselor for more detailed information. Counselors will help you determine your eligibility for a TAG and assist with the required documents.

Seven UC campuses participate in the TAG program and require an online TAG application.Planning is critical to ensure your TAG is complete, processed and approved. Schedule your counseling appointment prior to application submission deadlines. Counseling appointments are web-scheduled:

Determine Eligibility for TAG

Students can:

  1. review the TAG basic eligibility by accessing university links below
  2. read the university website (follow the links) for major preparation requirements
  3. collect all transcripts (Gavilan and any college attended)
  4. collect all test scores (Advance Placement, CLEP, IBB)
  5. calculate transferable units and transferable GPA and compare with minimum TA requirements

After completing steps 1-5, students can schedule a counseling appointment to review UC eligibility and TAG. You must hand-carry transcripts and test score information to your appointment. Counseling appointments can be scheduled online:

Below are links that provide eligibility information and requirements:

TAA/ TAG Applications
Eligibility Links Student Limit: One UC TAG
UC Required Online Application
* Please note: TAG Requirements are subject to changes

DIsclaimer: The final responsibility for successful transfer rests with the student. The information posted on this webpage is designed to assist you. The information is subject to change without notice which may subsequently impact your transfer admissions. You are encouraged to meet with your Gavilan counselor early in the planning process and often during the year prior to transfer.

Articulation Agreements

Certain private universities have completed course agreements with Gavilan College to facilitate student transfer. The following universities have provided students with a course transfer pattern that would maximize the credits earned at Gavilan:

Visit California Community Colleges' HBCU Transfer Program website


Current articulation agreements with the University of California and
California State University can be found at

Additional Resources

CSU Transfer Guarantees- www.ADegreeWithAGuarantee.comCSU transfer

ASSIST - This is a computerized student-transfer information system that can be accessed over the World Wide Web. It displays reports on how course credits earned at one California college or university can be applied when transferred to another. You can also find other useful links to help you with the transfer process

Lower Division Transfer Program - This web site helps students who are planning to transfer to a California State University by providing academic road maps for the completion of lower-division major preparation.

UC transfer - This web site will identify the major preparations for transfer students interested in the UC system - campus information, admission resources, and application dates - admissions information, planning guides, and resources.

Ease your transition (power point presentation) to a UC, follow some sound advise.

Gavilan College Career-Transfer Resource Center - The staff can assist you with the following services:

  • Information on university majors and graduation requirements

  • Assistance with filling out college applications

  • Schedule meetings with university representatives

  • Referrals to a counselor who will assist with educational planning

  • CSU application fee waivers

  • A library of current college catalogs

  • A reference library of updated books on careers, internships, scholarships and occupational outlook

  • Useful college and university internet sites

  • Use the computerized career information program, EUREKA, which is designed to assist you in selecting a major or career.