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Probation and Dismissal Intervention Services


Welcome to the Probation and Dismissal Intervention (PDI) website developed by the Counseling Department. Our goal is to help you improve your academic standing at Gavilan College. We will accomplish this by guiding you through three stages:

  • Stage 1: increase your awareness and understanding of your scholastic standing,
  • Stage 2: teach you how to develop your own Success Plan; and
  • Stage 3: work closely with you to implement your plan.


You can choose to work through the first two stages of the intervention services by:

        • attending an in-person Probation and Dismissal Intervention (PDI) seminar;


        • working through a web version of the PDI seminar

Either option will result in the creation of your individualized Success Plan that will be reviewed by a Gavilan College counselor.

After Stage 1 and 2 have been completed, you will move toward Stage 3 of the intervention services. Stage 3 requires that you meet with a counselor. All students will be required to have a Success Plan completed prior to scheduling an in-person counseling appointment. A counselor will review your plan and ensure that the plan will help you reach your academic goals. The counselor that approves your plan will also work closely with you and monitor your progress until you return to a good academic standing.

Choose a PDI Seminar

The web seminar is an option for those with internet access and students who work well independently. If you choose the web seminar, please start here: PDI Web Seminar, Introduction

The in-person seminar is an option for students who like group interaction and are auditory learners. The schedule of the in-person seminar is as follows:

In-person PDI Seminar Schedule
(due to budgetary restrictions, dates are pending )











We are here to assist you. Please schedule an appointment with a counselor

Last modified: March 11, 2014
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