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Academic Standards


Probation and Dismissal Intervention Services

Step 5 - Evaluate your Plan

Evaluate to Improve

You will need to evaluate your plan twice:

        1. during the implementation phase of your plan to "check out" if your plan will work for you and if the actions truly meet intended outcomes; and,
        2. at the end of the term to determine if outcomes where achieved

First Evaluation

During the first three weeks of instruction, meet with your counselor to evaluate the viability of your Success Plan. Be prepared to discuss the following:

Is your plan helping you move toward achieving your Projected Outcomes?

Do the days/times of your classes compliment your work/personal schedule?

Are your course selections a good match for your intentions this term?

Have you missed any actions/services that could be helpful?

What campus resources, not currently identified, can you utilize to assist you with your plan?

How does your Success Plan for this term fit with the larger view of what you are doing at the college?

Summative Evaluation

At the end of the term, meet with your counselor to determine if projected grades and intended outcomes where reached. Discuss the following with your counselor:

What actions/services were most beneficial and which ones were not?

What strategies yielded the most results?

Did the outcomes improve your overall standing with the college?

How many additional terms will it take to return to good academic standing?

What are your next steps?

Some students will be required to recycle through the Five Intervention Steps to continue working on improving their college academic standing. Some students will return to good academic standing in one semester. The results will vary by individual circumstances. All students are encouraged to use the Campus Resources available to assist with personal or academic issues. Counseling services are available Monday-Friday, please call 408.848.4723 to schedule an appointment.

On your Success Plan, write down the month you plan to meet with your counselor to conduct the first evaluation of your plan. You last step is to identify the resources available to assist you in the implementation of your plan. Proceed to the last step:


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