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Academic Standards


Probation and Dismissal Intervention Services

Campus and Internet Resources

Below are some web sites that may assist you with your specific needs. It is recommended that you bookmark the sites for future use:


Study Habits/Skills

  • time management issues
  • poor note taking and test-taking skills
  • frequent class absences
  • unable to create/follow a consistent study schedule
  • procrastination
  • too many classes
  • classes too hard
  • undiagnosed learning disability


Personal Issues

  • relationship issues
  • financial concerns
  • changes in work schedule
  • physical or emotional illness
  • emotional issues, stress, anxiety
  • lack of motivation or interest
  • substance or alcohol abuse
  • boredom
  • unable to focus


Career/Major Issues

  • can't relate course material to future goals
  • undecided about career or major
  • no clear plans
  • uncertain if career choice is suitable
  • afraid to make a career decision
  • questioning if a college education is necessary


Family/Social Adjustment

  • relationship make-ups/break-ups
  • too many friends/ no friends
  • can't connect with teachers/college
  • family conflict/worries
  • unwilling to seek help

You have concluded the five steps for the PDI web seminar. You have also completed a Success Plan that must be reviewed and approved by a counselor. Please call the counseling department to schedule an appointment: 408.848.4723.

We have some final questions for you to answer prior to completing the entire PDI seminar: Questions that we Know you can answer Now!


Probation and Dismissal Intervention Services

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