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New to Gavilan, but with College Experience


Welcome to Gavilan College. We know you have made the best decision possible by choosing to continue your education at our college. The Counseling Department's goal is to get you started, guide you through the enrollment process, and help you plan out your courses carefully so you can attain your goals.

Step One

  • Complete the online college application - allow 3-5 days for processing.
  • Obtain your Gavilan ID and PIN by going to Self-Service Banner and click on Get your Gavilan ID and Pin. If you are unable to obtain a Gavilan ID, it is because your application has not been processed, try again after 5 business days from the day you turned in your application to the Admissions Office. If you did not list a social security number on your college application, you will need to visit the Admissions and Records office.
  • If you have NOT completed English or Math courses at your prior schools, then you must take the College Assessment (placement test), a schedule of test dates is available online, your college application must be on file prior to scheduling a test date online as your GAV ID is required on the test reservation form. You will not be able to register for a Math or English course without assessment scores.
  • If you have completed English and Math courses within the last two years, then you will not have to take the Gavilan College Placement test.  Please note that some vocational programs and Science, Math, and Engineering departments (i.e.. Nursing, Aviation, Biology, Engineering) recommend students to have recent Math and English scores or course completion to ensure success in the programs. Check with a counselor for details.
  • Complete the online College Kick-Start session or attend the in-person sessions (if available). The Kick Start session is designed to give you a general understanding of what the college has to offer, its programs, services, policies, and procedures. Although you can opt not to complete the Orientation because you have college experience, it is still recommended so that you can understand Gavilan College's policies and procedures and learn how to use the online registration system.
  • Stop by the Financial Aid Office for information. Fee waiver applications are available online.
  • Tour the campus virtually or in-person, get to know your surroundings, you will feel right at home!

Step Two

Step Three

  • Meet with a counselor to review prior academic records. Only a counselor can clear you for a pre-requisite after reviewing your prior academic transcripts, plan accordingly.
  • Always have all your academic records (high school and college) and test scores (Gavilan Assessment, Advance Placement Test Scores, or test scores from another college) on your person when meeting with a counselor.
  • Be prepared to review your educational goals, interests, and course selections when you meet with a counselor.
  • Counselors can answer many questions and address concerns that you may have regarding course selections, unit loads, finances, or any other issue that may influence your decision to enroll at Gavilan College. Be sure to ask your questions!
  • Discuss with your counselor which student service program may be suitable for you.

Step Four - the last step

  • Register for your classes by using the Self-Service registration My gav. You will need your Gavilan ID and Pin to use the online registration system.
  • Payment due dates are listed online.  If payment is not received by the deadline, students will be dis-enrolled/de-registered from all their classes. Check with the Financial Aid Office for information regarding fee waivers and financial assistance.
  • Select a counselor you wish to work with during your time at Gavilan and schedule an appointment to develop an educational plan.
  • If you are undeclared or uncertain of your academic or career goals, consider enrolling in GUID 1 - Self-Assessment and Career Development - a course designed to help you identify your interests, values, strengths, skills, and find a good fit with career options.


The Counseling Department is available to assist you, please check our home page for additional information and services. Good luck with your first semester, you are well on your way!

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