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Academic Standards


Probation and Dismissal Intervention Services


This web seminar is designed to provide you with information, resources, and prescribed interventions to help you develop your Success Plan - your plan, along with the guidance of college counselor, will help improve your scholastic standing at the college.

For your convenience, print this Success Plan worksheet and fill it out as you move through each of the steps, in order, listed below:


Five Questions we must Ask You Before You Start

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Step 1 - Identify the Problems

Step 2 - Get the Facts


Step 3 - Understand your Options


Step 4 - Create your Success Plan


Step 5 - Evaluate your Plan


After you move through all five steps and have developed your Success Plan, you will review it with a college counselor. Your plan will be approved by a counselor before you can proceed with registration activities. Remember, our goal is to instruct, guide, support, and ensure your success - we are here to assist you.

Below are some resources that you may find helpful as you work toward improving your academic standing:


Campus and Internet Resources



Academic Progress Report







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