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Title: Communication Instructor
Office Location:PB2D

Because so much of what we know and how we understand each other happens through communication concepts, I would like to offer the following metaphor as my teaching philosophy: Being a communication instructor is like being a tour guide. As a tour guide through the different concepts and skills involved in Communication classes, I recognize that some of the skills and terrain may be familiar to students. We may all know how to sightsee, shop for souvenirs, eat local foods, I want to make sure that everyone in the tour sees and experiences the important local sights and culture and trusts me enough to know that everywhere we go are places Iíve been before and that the bridge may seem rickety, it will hold all of us safely across. Practicing communication can be scary, but I promise to bring joy, excitement and illuminate new things during our trip.
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  • A.A., General Studies, Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • B.A., Speech Communication, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • M.A., Communication Studies, San Jose State University
  • Assistant Director of Forensics at San Jose State University
  • Executive Vice President of Northern California Forensics Association

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