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Faculty > Michelle Zajac

Title: Communication Instructor
Office Location: PB2
Office Hours:


My goal in any classroom is to co-construct with students a passionate, transformative, and inclusive community. I am dedicated to individualizing and personalizing education. In doing so, I believe students can best relate to course material and grasp that the skills they learn in the classroom are applicable to their everyday lives.


  • M.A. from San Jose State University, majoring in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Pedagogy.
  • B.A. from San Jose State University, majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Human Development.
  • A.A. from West Valley Community College, obtaining my degree in Communication Studies and Liberal Arts.


    Until I was eighteen years old, I only knew education as a homeschooled individual. My first public school experience was when I first ventured to college and attended West Valley Community College (WVCC) in Saratoga, California. It was here where I met the most inspirational person and teacher I know, and recognized my greatest passion—teaching Communication Studies Courses. For me, teaching is not simply a job, but rather my vocation, calling, and greatest desire. I have pursued my love for Communication Studies and teaching since 2004, and my dedication to this study has only grown as the years pass. Because I am fascinated with classroom communities and enhancing the overall learning experience within education, my focus and research within graduate school has been dedicated to instructional communication and pedagogy—the study of teaching. I have had the honor of gaining much of my professional experience at San Jose State University, where I had the pleasure of teaching Public Speaking courses for two years. Additionally, I have extended my passion for education by teaching Public Speaking and Writing courses at an after school enrichment program. One of my greatest joys has been entering into the Gavilan College community and teaching in an environment that feels familiar and unified. Being an instructor at Gavilan is truly a dream job, and I am excited beyond words to adventure down this incredible path. Other journeys I have traveled have been marrying my public speaking classmate from WVCC in 2007 and living life with this best friend of mine. I enjoy traveling to new places, and I love outdoor activities. Hiking, bike riding, long drives, site seeing, and visiting National/County/State Parks are some of my favorite things to do. Oh yes, and I love to cook and mangi!

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