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Faculty > Adrian Andrade

Title: Communication Instructor
Office Location: Gavilan College/Hollister
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My background is Performing Arts, Communication and Multicultural Education. This has brought me to the realization of looking at each student as an individual in the way he or she communicates. With an awareness of the multiple intelligences and the cultural capital brought to the classroom by each personage, I have strived to create a balance in my classrooms, which in turn allow for a safe learning environment, which in turn, breaks down the barriers of Public Speaking Anxiety which is the most common stumbling block for beginning speakers. I have known students who have all but completed a degree program only to fall short due to PSA, thus stressing the importance of a mutually respectful audience and environment in which to practice and learn the art. The study of Speech Communication prepares students to be effective writers, as well as speakers. Like the other Liberal Arts, Speech Communication ultimately teaches students how to think. Speech Communication emphasizes analytical, research, organizational, strategic, and delivery skills. My classroom pedagogy is infused with as much technology as the learning environment will support in keeping with new millennium academic trends. I sincerely look forward to what I anticipate will become a mutually rewarding learning experience this semester.


  • Master of Arts: Multicultural Education, Fall 2000, CSUMB
  • Bachelor of Arts: Human Communication, Fall 1998, CSUMB
  • Performing Arts/Musical Entertainment/Player-Agent 25 + years

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