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The Gavilan College Communication Studies program continues to grow, now offering an extensive Associate of Arts Degree in Communication Studies. Employers and universities have expressed the necessity for workers and students to be able to communicate with diverse groups of people. We listened and have broadened our focus to offer this degree to meet these expressed needs. Ultimately, the Associate of Arts Degree in Communication Studies will provide students with a foundation of skills in the art of communication in various contexts, including interpersonal, intercultural, small group, and in public settings. This well-rounded degree will groom graduates to better serve employers and to help build stronger communities.


Double Counting: A minimum of 21 major course units will be required for the associate degree. Should a student's particular major require 21 + units, he/she may use (double count) any courses, if applicable, over the 21 unit minimum, to satisfy general education requirements. Four-year colleges may differ in their major preparation requirements for transfer. The CSU system now requires the ADT degree only. Consultation with a counselor regarding transfer requirements is recommended.


Core courses:

  • CMUN 1A Introduction to Public Speaking (3 units)
  • CMUN 4: Intercultural Communication (3 units)
  • CUMN 8: Interpersonal Communication (3 units)
  • CMUN 10: Small Group Communication (3 units)
  • PSYC 1 A: Introduction to Psychology (3 units)


    Choose one from the following:

  • CMUN 5: Fundamentals of Communication (3 units)
  • CMUN 11: Business Communication (3 units)
  • JOUR 10: Mass Media and Society (3 units)
  • PSYC 27: Contemporary Leadership (3 units)
  • PHIL 4: Critical Thinking and Writing (3 units)

    Choose one from the following:

  • CMUN 6: Introduction to Conflict Resolution (3 units)
  • ANTH 3: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 units)
  • SOC 1A: Introduction to Sociology (3 units)
  • SOC 21: Marriage and the Family (3 units)
  • SOC 4: Sociology of Women and Men (3 units)

    Total Units for Major: 21 units

    Total Units Required for A.A.: minimum of 60 units

    General Education Requirements: A student may complete the Gavilan College AA/AS general education, the CSU-GE Breadth, or the IGETC pattern. y.html" -->