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Gavilan Community College offers a Certificate of Achievement in Interpersonal Communication to students who successfully complete 18 units/4 classes of communication studies coursework. The knowledge and skills gained by completing this Certificate of Achievement are designed to promote positive communication and increase problem-solving skills in work and personal environments. This certificate will inform future employers, college admissions offices and professional institutions that you have received specialized training in interpersonal communication skills. The certificate can accompany any degree and enhance your qualifications for the job or university you desire.

Take this opportunity to learn skills that will increase your understanding of yourself, your relationships and your ability to communicate with other people. The Communication Studies Department welcomes you and encourages you to pursue this certificate and empower yourself. You're only a few classes away, get started today! Contact Denise Besson Silvia @ (831) 848-4831 for further information.


CMUN 5: Fundamentals of Communication
This course provides instruction in theory and application in various communication contexts including the self concept, interpersonal, interviewing skills, small group communication, and public speaking. Emphasis is placed on analytical and organizational skills, listening, nonverbal and verbal communication, and public speaking communication methology. (CSU; UC; CSU-GE, A1; IGETC, 1C; GAV GE, A1)

CMUN 6: Introduction to Conflict Resolution
This course introduces students to conflict resolution and mediation. By integrating theory and practice, students will assess core concepts about the causes and resolution of conflict. (CSU, GE D7; GAV GE, D2)

CMUN 8: Interpersonal Communication
This course studies the communication process in an interpersonal (dyadic) setting. This class will explore the ways in which we can improve our communication with others. Verbal and nonverbal messages, self concept, cultural differences, gender differences, perception, listening and conflict management will be explored. (CSU; UC; CSU-GE, A1; IGETC, 1C; AA/AS, A1)

CMUN 11: Business Communication
This course will explore business communication contexts by examining organizational cultures, strategic vision and goal setting, leadership managerial roles, and team building communication. Emphasis is placed on analytical and organizational skills, listening, nonverbal and verbal communication, public speaking communication methodology, and domestic and international relations through use of hybrid online and classroom environment for lecture and application. (CSU)

PSYC 1A: Introduction to Psychology
The nature, scope, presuppositions, history and fields of psychology together with the study of factors influencing human behavior, human development, perception, learning, memory, emotion, personality, frustration and psychotherapy.

PSYC/POLS 27: Contemporary Leadership
A cross-disciplinary approach to the theory and practice of leadership. Includes effective communication styles including issues related to gender and culture. Skills directly applicable to work, personal and college environments. (CSU; UC; CSU GE, D9; IGETC, 41; GAV GE, D2; CAN, PSYC 2)

SOC 1A: Introduction to Sociology
A broad introduction to key terms, concepts, principles and unifying frameworks found in the major social science disciplines. Cultivation of research, reasoning, writing, and problem solving/critical analysis germane to social science, and with a particular focus on student life experience. (CSU; UC; CSU-GE, D7; IGETC, 4G; GAV GE, D2) y.html" -->