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PSCI 1 Principles of Physical Science

Units: 3     Hours: 3 Lecture

Advisory: Mathematics 205 and eligible for English 250 and 260.

Transferable: CSU; UC; CSU-GE: B1; IGETC: 5A; GAV-GE: B1

An introduction to the physical sciences for the non-science major. Attention is focused on fundamental laws of nature, their development and relation to the physical world.

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PSCI 2 Introduction to Meteorology

Units: 3     Hours: 3 Lecture

Advisory: MATH 205.

Transferable: CSU; GAV-GE: B1

An introductory course in Meteorology that is both descriptive and analytical on the physical principles affecting the earth's weather. Topics covered include the nature of the atmosphere, solar energy, heat, temperature, pressure, stability, moisture, wind, storms, severe weather and forecasting. The course introduces climatology as a scientific study and will look at the earth's climatic history, current research in climate modeling and the possibility of global climate change.

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PSCI 200 Introduction to Technology

Units: 2     Hours: 1 Lecture, 3 Laboratory

Transferable: No

An introduction to technology in manufacturing, energy production and distribution, communication, business, health occupations, service industry, agriculture, and transportation. Laboratories will emphasize the technology needs of business and industry.