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Questions & Answers About Classroom and Building Needs
at the Gavilan Joint Community College District

Q. Why consider a Bond now?

The Gavilan Community College campus is over 35 years old and while classrooms and buildings have been carefully maintained, they are outdated and need upgrades and improvements. Currently math and computer labs, classrooms, and lecture halls are overcrowded and need repair and upgrades as they do not meet the needs of today's students.

Because the University of California and California State systems have become so expensive, more and more local residents are relying on community colleges for job training programs as well as preparation for four-year colleges.

Q. What are the projects you are considering?

Our most urgent projects include:

  • Installing and repairing fire safety equipment including alarms, smoke detectors, sprinklers and fire safety doors.
  • Improving disabled access in all buildings and classrooms to meet State standards.
  • Providing air conditioning and heating for all campus buildings.
  • Replacing corroding pipes and power lines with a modern and efficient power generation system.
  • Improving the outdated library to provide students and residents with a high tech learning resource center.
  • Replacing the antiquated boiler system, purchased from the military after World War I, with an energy efficient heating system.
  • Upgrading wiring for electrical service and Internet access.
  • Upgrading old, deteriorating restrooms and plumbing systems.
Q. Are these ongoing maintenance issues?

NO. Over the years, college leaders have worked diligently to properly maintain school buildings, with the resources available. However, many facilities have reached the end of their useful life and need repair or replacement. Renovations to these aging buildings are simply too extensive to address through ongoing maintenance.

Q. Is there any other type of funding available?

No. Community colleges have historically been under funded in the State of California. All community colleges, including Gavilan College, have faced ongoing cutbacks due to the state budget crisis, and funding to many of our essential programs has been cut. In tough economic times, our local community colleges become more important than ever as a resource for local residents who want to expand their job skills to compete in a tough job market.

Q. I do not know anyone who attends the Gavilan Joint Community College District. How would these improvements affect me?

Ensuring that Gavilan remains accessible to our area's growing population, as well as meeting the needs of modern students, will benefit all members of our community. Every year, Gavilan trains nurses and police officers who go on to keep our communities safe and healthy. Also, Gavilan's job training and certificate programs are offered at a fraction of the cost of state systems, giving local residents the opportunity to receive affordable, quality education close to home and thus keeping a skilled trained workforce in our community and boosting our local economy.

Q. How will you decide what projects to include on your final plan?

Over the past two months, we have gathered input and advice from local residents through a community questionnaire, as well as from a Community Advisory Group, made up of local business, education and public safety leaders. We have taken into account the priorities they have identified, which overwhelmingly include: fire safety improvements, electrical upgrades for technology, upgrades to restrooms, plumbing and ventilation systems, as well as improved disabled access and library improvements. We will continue to refine our projects to best fit the needs of the communities we serve.

Q. If a Bond is proposed, how do we know it will be spent properly?

By law, money from any proposed Bond can only be spent on buildings, classrooms, or instructional equipment. Once a Bond is successfully passed, an independent Citizens Oversight Committee must monitor all funds to ensure they are spent properly. No money will go to administrators' salaries.

Last modified: March 22, 2006
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