Citizens’ Oversight Committee

November 28, 2005




I.          CALL TO ORDER

Russ Danielson, Vice Chair, called the meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m.


Members attending: Angela Sanfillipo, Russ Danielson, Marco Renella, Tony Ko, Tom Andrade, Pi Silverstein, Lawrence Grace, Sandra Fishler


            Members absent:  Mark Zappa


Others attending: Jan Chargin, Joe Keeler


II.          Consent Agenda

1.      Minutes – 10/17/05

MS (Andrade/Renella) the minutes of 10/17/05.


III          Approval of Agenda

MS (Silverstein/Fishler) unanimously carried to approve agenda.


IV.        Comments from the Public




1.   Update Measure E Activities

      (a) Projects/Contracts/Agreements for Bond Work

                        Steve reviewed agenda items that were recently approved by the Board of Trustees.  David Powers & Associates will complete due diligence work (environmental issues) on the property tentatively identified for purchase as a new campus in Coyote Valley.  Allen Petersen & Associates will prepare a Letter of Intent and an assessment of educational facilities needs that will be submitted to the State Chancellor’s Office for the purpose of approval for a new educational site in Coyote Valley.  Russ Danielson noted that as a member of the Coyote Valley Task Force over the last four years, he is familiar with David Powers & Associates and the firm is highly respected.


Joe reviewed reported that the Board of Trustees ratified an on-going architectural services agreement with BFGC Architects Planners, Inc.  Three projects currently in process are infrastructure, swing space and the Life Science building.  The Final Renovation plan, originally scheduled to be presented to the Board of Trustees in Jan. has been moved out to Feb. in order to allow for adequate input from staff.  If the Board of Trustees approves the plan it will be presented to the Citizens’ Oversight Committee in Feb.


Tom stated a concern about the fee schedule and containing costs.  Joe stated that as part of the contract, both the architects and project manager cost out the project, compare costs and then reconcile.


                  (b) Summary of Financial Transactions

                        Joe presented financial information as of Nov. 18, 2005.


                  (c)  Classification of Expenditures by Object (Summary of Accounts)

Joe presented and reviewed the information requested by the committee.  Marco asked about the $25,991,295.  The amount has not been received from the County and is reported as a receivable. Pi asked if the work on the tennis courts was done.  Joe indicated that a few more invoices have been received.  The total cost of the project, about $108,000, needs to be brought forward.  Tony asked about lights for tennis courts.  Steve indicated that if there were funds available at the end of all the projects that this would be added to the projects.


            2.   Review Annual Report to the Community

                  Jan reviewed the annual report.  It will be printed in color and included in community education schedule, which will be mailed the first week in Jan.  The report will also be available on the web page.  Suggestions for pictures: tennis courts with note that project is  complete, on-going construction, architect drawings, schematics, Gavilan College signs at entrances, garden with Hawk logo by North Lounge.  The report should reflect that the Committee has reviewed the audit.  It was suggested that the report be an Interim Report for the activities over the last 13 months, with a final report in Jan.  Pi asked that a note be included to indicate all projects are equally important and will be completed.  Jan will draft another copy of the report and send to English instructors for review.  Tom suggested that the Chair, Vice Chair, and S. Fishler review report before it goes out. MS (Andrade/Renella) unanimously carried to have Chair, Vice Chair and another committee member review final report and based on their recommendation the Committee will accept the recommendations.    Angela would like to see the bond issuance and debt service numbers remain the document.  Pi suggested that Russ send a letter to the editor of local papers about the annual report.  MS (Silverstein/Andrade) to include a couple of sentences referring to debt service and total dollar amounts only.  A note should also be included that this is a 25 year bond.  S. Fishler, R. Danielson, P. Silverstein, T. Andrade voted yes, M. Renella, A. Sanfillipo, voted no, unanimously carried.  The interim report will be mailed in January.  The final report will be sent out in April.


            3.   Set Meeting Dates

                  Next meeting is scheduled for, Feb. 27, 2006 MS (Andrade/Renella)         unanimously approved.


                  MS (Renella/Grace) to adjourn meeting at 7:18 p.m.