Citizens’ Oversight Committee
April 25, 2005


I. Call To Order
  David DiDenti called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Members attending: David DiDenti (Chair), Dr. Lawrence Grace, Tom Andrade, Pi Silverstein, Sandra Fishler, Tony Ko, Mark Zappa, Kip Ward, Russ Danielson

Members absent: Marco Renella, Christina Alonzo

Others attending:
Steve Kinsella, Joe Keeler, Jan Bernstein Chargin, Casey Michaelis, David Cartnal

II. Introductions – New Member
  Steve Kinsella reported that Kip Ward is replacing Bob Bianchi as a representative for the Foundation.
III. Consent Agenda
  1. Minutes – 1/10/05
    MS (M. Renella/L. Grace) unanimously carried to approve the minutes of 1/10/05 as revised.
IV. Approval of Agenda
  MS (M. Zappa/T. Andrade) unanimously carried to approve consent agenda, moving Item 1.(d) to the beginning of the discussion items.
V. Comments from the Public
VI. Discussion Items
  1. Update Measure E Activities
    (a) Web site information
      Jan Chargin reported that information from contractors is posted on the web site. No other requests have been received regarding the Citizens' Oversight Committee. The e-mail address for the Public Information Officer is provided to receive inquiries. The college is in the process of acquiring a web site master.
    (b) Joe introduced Casey Michaelis Project Director for Kitchell.
      David Cartnal, FAIA Principal Planner with BFGC, provided background information on BFGC. Mr. Cartnal reviewed the guidelines and process for bond program planning and expenditures.

Contingencies are built in to the budget, monitored and adjusted accordingly. Joe noted that every invoice received by the District requires a signature from Kitchell, the President and Vice President of Administrative Services. All items go before the Board for approval.

Kitchell and BFGC have worked together for 10 years. Casey reviewed the draft planning schedule. Steve noted that the Board approves the capital outlay plan, submitted to the state for additional funding, based on factual approval starting with state chancellor's office, needs to approve before department of finance, reviewed example of business building budget spreadsheet, have program contingencies set up to augment a bid that comes in over budget or redesign project to fit budget.

Joe reviewed the items that were approved by the Board of Trustees. The first project of the Measure E bond fund is the renovation of the tennis courts, approved by the Board of Trustees on March 8. The cost of the project is estimated to be $120,000 and the expenditure for this purpose is consistent with the repair and upgrade of instructional facilities and sites. A Contract Agreement for Management Information Services (MIS) Programming Services was approved by the Board of Trustees on March 8. With the passage of Measure E, a number of additional projects have been added to the MIS program in order to fulfill the Measure E bond language, including instructional technological infrastructure, replacement of the obsolete computer system with an integrated student registration, class scheduling, and accounting system. Syllogize, Inc. will provide programming services for an amount not to exceed $235,000. A college Task Force is working with the BFGC consultants to solicit input for minimum standards in the classroom and we hope to have this done in 2-3 months. This will be presented to staff, the Board of Trustees and the Citizens' Oversight Committee.
    (c) Summary of Financial Transactions
      Joe reviewed the Measure Fund 60 spreadsheet. A correction was made that interest earned before July was about $40,000. Interest earned from July-Sept. was $112,000 and Oct-Dec., $93,304. Steve stated that the investment options available are locked in to the local agency investment fund, County treasurer.

Pi referred to the Executive Summary, Bond Projects Planning Charter-Measure E Guidelines & Process for Bond Program Planning & Expenditures document, page 5, A. 6. and suggested deleting the "State" and page 6, III. B. 8 spelling out M & O, maintenance and operations.
    The bylaws for the Citizens' Oversight Committee state that each member shall serve a term of two (2) years, commencing on the date of the first meeting (June, 2004). No member may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms. Two members will serve an intial one (1) year term and the remaining members for an intial two (2) year term. This item will be placed on the agenda for discussion in July and presented to the Board of Trustees.
    MS (T. Andrade/K. Ward) unanimously carried to schedule the next meeting on July 18 and the third Monday of each month thereafter.
    MS (M. Zappa/S. Fishler) to adjourn 6:45 p.m.
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