Citizens’ Oversight Committee
January 10, 2005


I. Call To Order
  David DiDenti called the meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Members attending: David DiDenti (Chair), Christina Alonzo, Dr. Lawrence Grace, Tom Andrade, Pi Silverstein, Sandra Fishler, Tony Ko, Marco Renella, Mark Zappa

Members absent: Russ Danielson, Bob Bianchi

Others attending:
Steve Kinsella, Joe Keeler, Jan Bernstein Chargin

II. Introductions – New Member
  Steve Kinsella reported that Bob Bianchi is replacing Chris Montoya as a representative for the Foundation.
III. Consent Agenda
  1. Minutes – 9/20/04
   . MS (M. Zappa/L. Grace) unanimously carried to approve the minutes of 9/20/04.
IV. Approval of Agenda
  MS (T. Andrade/M. Zappa) unanimously carried to approve consent agenda.
V. Comments from the Public
VI. Discussion Items
  1. Update Measure E Activities
    (a) Contracts/Agreements for Bond Work
      Steve reported that the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Enterprise Resource Project (ERP) Manager was presented to the Board of Trustees as an information item and is the first part of implementing Measure E related to replacing the obsolete computer system with an integrated student registration, class scheduling and accounting system. The Project Manager will assist the College in four major phases:
      1.  Project organization and planning
      2.  Needs assessment
      3.  Procurement of the ERP application system
      4.  Implementation of the selected ERP application system
      The Board of Trustees approved a contract to obtain services for an analysis of the Gavilan College main campus property currently used as a golf course. The Measure E Project List included establishing a University Center. The contract for the golf course will expire in 2007 and a decision to continue the golf course lease or to pursue other uses is requested by 2006. The analysis will provide important information to the Board to consider various options for use of this property.
      The University Center will partner Gavilan College, San Jose State University and CSU, Monterey Bay to offer courses on the main campus. This is an opportunity to better articulate our programs with universities. The Center could fit within existing structures. Other colleges have had good success setting up centers in a separate building. There is a parcel of land next to Child Development Center that could be considered, but the space may not be adequate. The University Center will pay for direct instructional costs and is hoping to obtain funding from the State to help with construction costs, but because of enrollment and the State budget it may not be possible. Approximately $18 million is earmarked for the University Center. The golf course pays the College $30,000 a year for the use of the land and maintains the property. Tony Ko expressed a concern about the operations of the College becoming mixed into Measure E funds.
      Joe reviewed the information on the estimate from Angus-Hammer, Inc. ($4,800), a network consulting firm that assisted with the development of the request for proposal for the ERP. The District Technology Committee is reviewing the request for proposal and selecting applications for interviews. The system will include the satellite campuses. A contract (approximately $9,800) for professional services with Merle Cannon is for facilities planning services. This will provide a detailed space inventory update to help the College maximize space and obtain additional funding from the State.
    (b) Summary of Financial Transactions
      Joe reported that there will be an audit on an accrual basis. Pi Silverstein requested that the interest accrued on the bond funds be included on future summary of financial transactions. Steve stated that there is a delay with the County posting interest, which is now running about $10,000 a month.
  2. Web site information
    David reported that Jan Chargin is maintaining the web site and suggested that maybe he could keep the site updated. Joe noted that the Public Information Officer, Jan Chargin, with support from Nancy Bailey and Suzanne Bulle, administrative assistants, coordinates the information on the web site and he would like to continue to maintain the same process. If there is anything that needs to be communicated to the Committee or community he would like to pass the requests through staff. It was suggested that David continue to look at the web site for information and perhaps forward information to the committee. The consensus of the Committee is that the Gavilan College staff will maintain and committee members can communicate their concerns or questions to the appropriate staff. A suggestion was made that the Committee could post updates on what they have done. The Committee receives a copy of the agenda for the Board of Trustees meetings and it was suggested that any questions they may have regarding bond related items could be asked before the item goes to the Board for action. Steve suggested that an additional notation (the item is being reviewed by the Citizens’ Oversight Committee) on the Board of Trustees agenda cover sheet follow up section could be added. Minutes from the Citizens’ Oversight Committee will be posted on the web site as "unapproved". The question was asked about assigning a college email address to the Committee to receive comments, questions from the public. Web site information and posting of minutes will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.
  3. Meeting Dates
    MS (T. Andrade/M. Zappa) unanimously carried to schedule April 11, 2005, 6:00 p.m. for the next meeting.
VII. Action Items
  1. New Business
    (a) Time Limitations to Public Comments
      David recommended adding the same language for time limitations to public comments as is used for the Board of Trustees’ meetings.
MS (M. Renella/L. Grace) unanimously carried to add language to future agendas.
  David thanked Steve Kinsella, Joe Keeler, Nancy Bailey, and Suzanne Bulle for their assistance.
  Pi expressed a concern about the small amount of interest earned on the bond funds. Steve noted that the College has very little control where the funds are kept. The Board of Trustees receives a quarterly investment report.
  MS (M. Zappa/S. Fishler) to adjourn 6:45 p.m.
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