Citizens’ Oversight Committee
September 20, 2004


Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Members attending: David DiDenti, Christina Alonzo, Russ Danielson, Dr. Lawrence Grace, Tom Andrade, Pi Silverstein, Chris Montoya, Sandra Fishler, Tony Ko, Marco Renella, Mark Zappa

Others attending: Steve Kinsella, Joe Keeler, Jan Bernstein Chargin

Public Comments

Steve introduced two new members Tony Ko (Gilroy At Large) and Mark Zappa (Gilroy taxpayer’s organization).

Approve Minutes – June 28, 2004
Motion T. Andrade/Second L. Grace unanimously carried to approve minutes as presented.

Measure E Activities
Steve Kinsella reported that the Board of Trustees authorized the following:
The Board of Trustees received as information an Update on Enrollment Trends from Spencer/Hoskins regarding surrounding community colleges and community college students who reside in the Gavilan service area (September 14, 2004 board meeting).

Steve reported that the College is still in development phase of the projects. Meetings are scheduled for this week with construction management firm to select one of the two architect firms to be the principle architect. The projects will begin with the main campus renovation work beginning with the infrastructure, which is $64 million of the total project. Real estate land acquisition services will continue to go forward. The report related to enrollment trends is critical information that will assist the College with population projections, how we approach the State to obtain funding and site locations. It was determined by the reports that the best geographical location for the northern site would be Bailey Ave. This is the direction that is being followed at this time. There are no cost proposals to consider at this time or land that has been presented to the Board; this is still at the staff level. The College is also looking at development activities in Gilroy. The bond language stated that land acquisition would be made with bond monies and State matching funds. Matching funds are available for the construction of buildings.

Summary of Financial Transactions
Joe Keeler reviewed the Summary of Financial Transactions Report. Each project will have a program code to keep track of expenses for each area (Gilroy, greater Morgan Hill area and San Benito County). The balance of the first bond issuance ($30 million) is $26,339,882.07 as of Aug. 31, 2004, without interest. Tony Ko stated a concern about the 3 year limit on expending funds and having a tangible product for the funds expended. Tony suggested that it may not be a good idea to buy property because of enrollment. Steve stated that the ideal location is the Bailey Avenue site in Coyote Valley and it is far enough away from the Gilroy so students are not drawn away from the main campus. It will help us to pick up the students in Morgan Hill and South San Jose that are going to other districts. Tony suggested that the College focus on increasing enrollment at the main campus. Pi Silverstein stated that enrollment can increase by having the campus on Bailey Ave. because the College could capture students who are going north to other colleges as well as those that will be living in Coyote Valley. Steve referred to page 9 of District Growth Analysis report, which indicated that the College is losing 31% of district residents (2,248) and capturing 4,922. The College would be about 46% larger if those who already live in our service area attended Gavilan College. The State Chancellor’s Office will be assisting the College to find out why we are l osing students. The population projections clearly indicate that that the College needs to do something with additional sites. Satellite sites provide limited services. It is up to the Board of Trustees to establish those sites and it can take 10-15 years to happen. The enrollment report supports going forward with Coyote Valley first and San Benito in another five years. Christina Alonzo asked about the impact on the existing Morgan Hill satellite site. Steve stated that it depends on how long it takes to build out, but as long as the demand is there Gavilan College will be there. Pi also noted that the voters who supported the bond measure expect to have educational services. Marco Renella stated that the function of committee was to review where the money is spent. Russ Danielson stated that it is not too early to begin this process as it can take a number of years to accomplish.

Information on Projects
Steve reviewed the projects list document, which was the basis for the bond. There are two major categories, maximizing use of existing facilities and off site development. There is approximately $64 million dollars for renovating the Gilroy campus. The first item that was paid off was the debt service for previous debt that was issued for facility improvements. The remainder of the bond money $39,596,000 was to ensure educational opportunities for future generations and was intended to help the College get started with off site development for San Benito, greater Morgan Hill (Coyote Valley) and Gilroy, as well as the creation of the University Center at the Gilroy campus. The plan is to leverage these funds with state resources. Pi noted that the bylaws (Section 4 Authorized Activities) state "the committee review efforts by the Gavilan Joint Community College District to maximize bond revenues by implementing cost- saving measures" and this would be the place to present them. David DiDenti reminded the committee about maintaining parliamentary procedures and discussing only what is on agenda.

A copy of the agenda for the Gavilan College Board of Trustees meetings will be sent to the committee members. Motion T. Andrade/Second P. Silverstein to meet the second Monday in Jan 10, 2005, 6:00 p.m. unanimously carried. Pi suggested that the committee meet in the new adaptive PE building or have a tour of the campus before the meeting (5:00 – 6:00 p.m.).

Motion T. Andrade/Second C. Montoya to adjourn meeting unanimously carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.