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Site Acquisition Committee
Subcommittee to the Board of Trustees

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 -- Minutes

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m. by Trustee Child. Trustees: Kent Child, Deb Smith, Laura Perry

Others in attendance: Steve Kinsella, Jesse Sandow, Student Trustee, Tony Ruiz, Joe Morris, Ruth Erickson, Betsy Avelar, Gordon Machado, Ron Hannon, Jan Chargin, Tiffany McIntosh, Christine Breen, Lissette Kinght, Tom Breen, Joe Martinez

  2) Comments from the Public:
This is a time for the public to address the Committee

Tiffany McIntosh, resident of Hollister, single parent, spoke in support of a full campus and physical education classes (athletics).

Ron Hannon, Director, Athletics, on behalf of the physical education department, stated that there is interest in a broad range of services for a campus in Hollister, noted many student athletes who have gone on to universities and pursued athletic careers.

Tony Ruiz, community member, retired faculty member, Gavilan College, acknowledged the classes offered at the Briggs building and thanked Bob Bouchard for his part in bringing the classes to Hollister, need more classes and space now, suggested that the Board work on finding a temporary solution.

Joe Martinez, community member, disabled student, stated on behalf of disabled students, the need for an adaptive physical education program in Hollister and in support of a new campus.

Steve Kinsella read a statement submitted by Dr. Ronald F. Crates, Superintendent, Hollister School District, in support of a full comprehensive community college in Hollister.

Steve Kinsella reported that 16 properties are being reviewed.

Gordon Machado, San Benito County Planning Commission, stated that he believed in consensual growth, property as close to center of town would be ideal, city services are better, a joint venture would be beneficial (new library and performing arts) would be a savings to taxpayers.

Richard Place, former County Supervisor and candidate for Supervisor, asked that the College include reading rooms (library).

James De La Cruz, San Benito County Supervisor, former student and trustee at Gavilan College, stated his support for a full campus in Hollister (on west side), airport is an ok site if everything else does not work.

Pauline Valdivia, City Council Member, Executive Director, Jovenes (31 years), thanked the board for the opportunity to speak and noted that she was excited about the new College, elderly community want to participate in classes, transportation closer to town is better for them, thanked the Board for the classes in Hollister.

Robert Scattini, Mayor, Hollister, life long resident, graduate of Gavilan College and instructor, the airport site is not a good idea, supports College in Hollister.

Tony Ruiz, retired faculty member, Gavilan College, acknowledged that this was the best Board of Trustees, noted that no one has suggested "Park Hill", favors the Hart property, 53 acres of flat land, additional 30 empty acres at the bottom of the Hart property.

Bob Bryons, recommended that the College not get acres by the airport because of noise level.

Doug Emerson, Hollister City Council, asked that the College consider the Hollister General Plan, in its decision for a new campus, noted that he has received positive comments about the College, encouraged joint ventures with city, schools (athletic fields), closer to downtown would engage more people to use facilities and make it a community center.

Joe Morris, San Juan Bautista resident, thanked the Board for the joint meeting, noted economic, cultural and physical activity beneficial is located in the right place, urged the College to think about access, northwest quadrant good, has open land, fossil fuels used should be considered in selection criteria, consider long term and short term affects, would want infrastructure built to be used.

Mike Smith, San Benito County Planning Commission, thanked the Board for conducting the meeting, would like to see more participation with the County and City.

Trustee Child thanked Joe and others for their assistance.

  a) (see Comments from the Public)
  b) Discussion about additional input that may be appropriate prior to the Board of Trustees taking action to finalize a site for further review

Joe Morris, Sr., encouraged the Board to generate community interest through the process, vital to all who live here.

Jesse Sandow, Student Trustee thanked everyone, on behalf of the students at Gavilan College, for their support, and reminded everyone that students contributed a lot of time and money to the bond campaign.

Trustee Perry thanked everyone for attending meeting, gained a better idea of community.

Steve noted that the meetings have helped the College to better connect with the community and the recommendation will be to pursue a full campus.

  c) Discuss partnerships, joint use, joint occupancy with other agencies and non profit organizations

Tony Ruiz, suggested a partnership with other community colleges and the statewide bond measure.

Ron Hannon, Director, Athletics, stated that physical education classes generate FTES, can develop excitement on campus.

Laura, student athlete, noted that physical education classes are required and not just for sports.

Trustee Smith, stated that she was encouraged to see so many community members at the meeting and stated that the Board wants to do the right thing for now and the future.

Trustee Child, stated that the goal is to be sensitive to the environment, come up with inclusive criteria, and come close to collective goal, input has helped.

  1) Adjournment
  Meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

Please help keep Gavilan College a litter-free campus and preserve its park-like setting. Thank you.

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