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Regular Meeting, Board of Trustees

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
CLOSED SESSION: 6:30 p.m. - OPEN SESSION: 7:00 p.m.
5055 Santa Teresa Blvd., Gilroy, CA 95020
Student Center

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I. CALL TO ORDER 6:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Laura Perry at 6:30 p.m.

  1. Roll Call
    Trustees: Laura Perry, Tony Ruiz, Mark Dover, Kent Child, Tom Breen, Mike Davenport, Walt Glines
  2. Recess to closed session
    The Board recessed to closed session at 6:31 p.m.

II. OPEN SESSION 7:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order
    The meeting was called to order by Laura Perry at 7:20 p.m.
  2. Roll Call
    • Trustees: Laura Perry, Tony Ruiz, Mark Dover, Kent Child, Tom Breen, Mike Davenport, Walt Glines, Aaron Keller
    • Dr. Kathleen Rose, Executive Vice President, Instructional Services
    • Joe Keeler, Vice President, Administrative Services
    • Dr. Debbie Klein, Academic Senate
    • Diane Seelie, Professional Support Staff
    • Angie Oropeza, Recording Secretary
    • Others in attendance: Ron Hannon, Terry Newman, Anne Ratto, Jan Chargin, Alice Dufresne Reyes, Rachel Perez
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
    Kent Child led the pledge of allegiance.
  4. Report of Any Action Taken in Closed Session
    No action was taken in closed session.
  5. Consent Agenda
    1. Regular Board Meeting Minutes 3/8/11, Community Education Ad Hoc Committee Minutes 3/8/11
    2. Personnel Actions
    3. Warrants and Electronic Transfers Drawn on District Funds
    4. Ratification of Agreements
      MSC (M.Davenport/K.Child) unanimous, student trustee aye, to approve.
  6. Approval of Agenda

    Laura Perry asked the Board to revise the agenda by withdrawing agenda item: Information/Staff Reports (d) Tobacco and Smoke-Free Environment and Cessation Prevention. This item will be postponed to a future agenda. MSC (K.Child/M.Dover) to approve the agenda as revised.

  7. Comments from the Public - This is a Time for the Public to Address the Board.

    Jerry Denney, President, Board of Directors, Breathe California of the Bay Area, expressed support for the non-smoking measures. Breathe California has been serving Santa Clara County for 100 years supporting lung health and clean air. This is a good step for the college, it puts Gavilan in line with a lot of other colleges and universities in the area. Breathe California has had a good history working with Gavilan on several smoking cessation issues and offers their full support for a smoke-free campus. Mark Dover asked if the K-14 system is covered by tobacco-free state law. Alice Dufresne-Reyes, College Nurse, stated that there isn't one specifically for K-14 but any campus that has a high school or pre-school should be limiting exposure to smoke to those populations. They will return to speak more fully on the subject when this item is reintroduced on the agenda. Lauren Rodriguez, ASB Vice President of Events and Activities stated that ASB has been working on this for over 10 years. The ASB has backup information on facts and progress for those who may have questions. Leah Halper stated that the Memorial for Dr. Don Santana is scheduled on April 20, 2:30 p.m., in the Mayock House. She distributed and reviewed a list of events that include a BBQ for new tenures and new faculty, a party for retirees, and a celebration of Kaye Bedell's WHO Award. Everyone is invited. They received grants from CCA to do outreach of part-time members. They are working to make their webpage a "go-to" site for union matters. Jan Chargin distributed and reviewed information cards for the "Duckie Derby" fundraiser for Leadership Gilroy scheduled on May 21. A new event this year will be celebrity paddle boat races. Captain Steve Kinsella will be directing one of the boats.

  8. Officers' Reports
    1. Vice Presidents - No reports
    2. College President

      Dr. Kathleen Rose reported on behalf of Dr. Kinsella who is in Northern Marianas on an accreditation visit. She and a group of staff and faculty will attend an accreditation self-study writing workshop on Friday in preparation for the next accreditation review. Thank you to Tom Breen for agreeing to serve on the on steering committee again. An accreditation kick-off event is planned in early May. She and Fran Lozano, Sherrean Carr, Hope Jukl, and Mary Ann Sanidad will go to Washington D.C. to attend the Federal Department of Education Grants Conference next week. They hope to meet with the Hispanic Serving Institution group and the National Science Foundation. We are preparing for the STEM 2 grant submission and anticipating the second Title 5 grant competition.

    3. Academic Senate

      Dr. Debbie Klein reported that among the agenda items for Academic Senate are a presentation by Dr. Randy Brown regarding student success data, the 6-unit multi-cultural GE requirement, faculty professionalization, evaluation and tenure processes from a professionalization aspect, assessment and course placement, and Department Chair roles and responsibilities. Tony Ruiz asked if the requirement is a study of multi-cultures or a study of one culture. Leah Halper stated that one reason we require two courses is to give students an opportunity to be exposed to more than one culture. We also have a fairly comprehensive list of multi-cultural classes so it is unlikely students would choose two classes that are about one culture. There is a mix of classes that focus on just one culture and almost all the rest focus on a number of cultures and they are more cross-cultural.

    4. Professional Support Staff - No report
    5. Student Representative

      Aaron Keller reported that ASB is planning for Earth Day, they are excited that the Student Life Coordinator position is being filled, and elections are coming up. He and other ASB members attended the general assembly; he learned a lot about being a student trustee. He hopes the Board passes the Tobacco and Smoke-Free Environment and Cessation/Prevention agenda item soon.

    6. Board Member Comments
      • Tom Breen reported that he attended the Hollister Youth Alliance Hero Awards last week. He attended a Hollister Downtown Association meeting yesterday, among the topics discussed were the branding and marketing of Hollister.
      • Walt Glines reported that he attended the Woman of the Year reception on April 2 for former Trustee Elvira Robinson. It was well attended; former and current Trustees were there, as well as college staff and community members. He appreciates the college preserving the chapel and the Mayock House.
      • Mike Davenport reported that he will attend the Annual Trustee Conference in Monterey on April 29.
      • Kent Child reported that he attended the San Benito County Arts Council opening exhibit on April 2. He will attend the annual fundraiser for the San Benito County Arts Council is scheduled on April 29 at San Juan Oaks. He distributed and reviewed informational cards regarding the event.
      • Mark Dover - no report.
      • Tony Ruiz stated that he appreciates the students' work on anti-smoking. It is gratifying to see that the anti-smoking movement is having success.
    7. Board President

      Laura Perry reported that her grandson's Junior Sharks hockey team took second place in the state finals. She also attended the Woman of the Year reception for Elvira Robinson. It was a fantastic celebration and well deserved. Laura complimented and thanked the maintenance and grounds staff for their work, the campus is well kept and looks fantastic.

  9. Board Committee Reports
    • Tom Breen reported that the Facilities Subcommittee will meet next Tuesday, April 19, at 4:00 p.m.
    • Kent Child reported that a special meeting of the Board for the annual evaluation of the College President will take place on April 26 at 5:30.
  10. Information/Staff Reports
    1. Recognition of the Employee of the Month

      Fran Lozano introduced March employee of the month, Esteban Talavera. Esteban started working in the Writing Center as a tutor and moved up to managing timesheets and requests for personnel. He is the heart and soul of the center. He has seen the center through all its phases and contributes to its changes as it evolves and becomes a better instrument for students to use.

    2. Update on Board Goals for 2011

      Kathleen Rose reported that this represents the annual work we do to update the strategic plan and provide accomplishments and directions the college continues to take in meeting the merits of the strategic plan. This document specifically addresses Board of Trustee goals.

    3. Redistricting Analysis

      Jan Chargin reported that we put out two RFPs; one for a demographer and one for legal counsel. We received two proposals for the demographer and none for the legal counsel. This will be a discussion item at the Board Facilities Subcommittee on April 19.

    4. Tobacco and Smoke-Free Environment and Cessation/Prevention


    5. Santa Clara County Treasury Investment Portfolio Status as of December 31, 2010

      Joe Keeler reported that this is a quarterly review of the district investments.

    6. Monthly Financial Report

      Joe Keeler reported that everything is going as it should.


  1. New Business
    1. Child Development Contract #CSPP-0578
      Kathleen Rose reported that this is the state contract routinely brought to the Board for approval.
      MSC (K.Child/A.Keller) unanimous, student trustee aye, to approve.
    2. Curriculum
      MSC (K.Child/M.Dover) unanimous, student trustee aye, to approve.
    3. * FY 2011-12 Tax Revenue Anticipation Note Program, Resolution No. 927

      Joe Keeler reported that this allows us to borrow up to $5 million in cash at the beginning of the year to help with cash flow. Plan A is to use existing cash funds, Plan B is to rely on the county, Plan C is to tap into this TRAN. The interest rate in the past two years has been 2 or 3 points.

      MSC (K.Child/M.Dover) roll call vote unanimous, student trustee aye, to approve.
    4. * Authorize Issuance of Additional Gavilan Joint Community College District (Santa Clara and San Benito Counties) Election of 2004 General Obligation Bonds.

      Joe Keeler reported that of the $108 Million Measure E provided us, we need about $5 Million to complete the projects and hold the rest for state matching funds. This is the last series. This item went through the Budget Committee.

      MSC (M.Davenport/M.Dover) roll call vote unanimous, student trustee aye, to approve.
    5. Budget Adjustments
      Joe Keeler reported that these are normal budget adjustments in the course of doing business.
      MSC (T.Breen/M.Davenport) unanimous, student trustee aye, to approve.
    6. BFGC Architect Planners, Inc. (BFGC) Amendment to Master Planning Agreement and a New Project Assignment Amendment (PAA)

      Joe Keeler reported that these are BFGC contracted architects for the preliminary plans for the state sponsored and almost totally funded water system replacement project. The second part is to update the final project proposals for the new Student Administration Building, rehabbing the Physical Education Building, the new Theater Building, and rehabbing the Library Building projects. We will continue to update our plans and get in line for state funding so when funds for infrastructure become available, we will be prepared. A good example of the benefits for continuing to apply is the funding we received for the water system. The state uses a lot of different calculations and subjective data to make funding decisions such as infrastructure issues, water table issues, seismic issues, etc., not just percentage issues. The Board approved the Facilities Master Plan that includes continuing the process of getting in line for funding. A new Theater Building was inherent in the Facilities Master Plan. Walt Glines requested that in the future, architect compensation figures be displayed as a percentage.

      MSC (T.Ruiz/M.Davenport) unanimous, student trustee aye, to approve.
    7. BFGC Architect Planners, Inc. (BFGC) Amendment to Agreement for Architectural Services

      Joe Keeler reported that the contract with BFGC ends June 30, 2011. This extends the agreement until the Social Science Building and the water system project are completed. He stated that the agreement years in the first and fourth paragraphs should be corrected to "2011".

      MSC (K.Child/M.Dover) unanimous, student trustee aye, to approve as corrected.
    8. Capital Project Change Order
      Joe Keeler reported that these are various change orders that occur naturally in the process of modifying buildings.
      MSC (M.Dover/T.Breen) 6 aye, 1 no, student trustee aye, to approve.

* Roll Call Vote


  1. The Next Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting is May 10, 2011, City Council Chambers, Hollister.
  2. Adjournment
    The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

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Thank you.

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