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Regular Meeting, Board of Trustees

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
5055 Santa Teresa Blvd., Gilroy, CA 95020
Student Center


I. CALL TO ORDER 7:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order
    Laura Perry called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
  2. Roll Call
    • Trustees: Laura Perry, Tony Ruiz, Mark Dover, Kent Child, Tom Breen, Mike Davenport, Walt Glines, Aaron Keller
    • Joe Keeler, Vice President of Administrative Services
    • Dr. Debbie Klein, Academic Senate
    • Diana Seelie, Professional Support Staff
    • Angie Oropeza, Recording Secretary
    • Others in attendance: Susan Alonzao, Fran Lozano, Ron Hannon Robin Egbert, Jack Bachofer, Jan Bernstein Chargin
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
    Kent Child led the pledge of allegiance.
  4. Consent Agenda
    MSC (M.Davenport/T.Ruiz) unanimous, student trustee aye, to approve.
  5. Approval of Agenda

    Laura Perry asked the Board to revise the agenda by moving Action Item, New Business, (d) and (e) after the Consent Agenda to accommodate the auditor. MSC (M.Dover/K.Child) unanimous, student trustee - aye, to approve the agenda as revised.

    Tom Perry-Smith reviewed the District Audit Report. He reported that all required disclosures and technical information required by the state of California and federal government has been included and updated correctly. The financial statements have been filed with the cognizant oversight agencies on the college's behalf. The Independent Auditor's Reports are unqualified and there are no Findings or Recommendations. The Foundation Audit states that the auditor did not express an opinion on the financial statements. That indicates that they were not able to complete all the audit steps to their satisfaction. Tom Perry-Smith stated that Joe Keeler and his staff have gone back and cleaned up the accounting in this area and he believes these issues have been resolved and they will be able to express an unqualified opinion on the Foundation financial statements next year. His opinion is that with the new processes, there will be a good audit trail. Joe Keeler stated that this is the first time the Foundation has been audited to this extent for the year 2009-10. We will move forward July 1 with different controls, forms, and processes. Tom Perry-Smith stated that the Measure E General Obligation Bond Performance Audit made sure that all expenditures are properly recorded, classified, and in accordance with the bond document. There are no exceptions. The audit process is extensive. They review and test quality control in the business office. He stated that Joe Keeler and the business office staff did a great job, they are organized and efficient, and that is reflected in audit reports without audit adjustments and without exceptions. The audit report, page 8, will be corrected to include San Benito County.

    Action Item, New Business, (d):
    FY 2009-2010 District and Measure E Bond Audit Reports
    MSC (W.Glines/M.Dover) unanimous, student trustee aye to approve.

    Action Item, New Business, (e):
    FY 2009-2010 Gavilan College Educational Foundation Audit Report
    MSC (T.Breen/K.Child) unanimous, student trustee aye to approve.

    Laura Perry thanked Joe and his entire staff for their hard work resulting in excellent financial reports. She thanked the auditor for his professional guidance to get the Foundation back on track.

  6. Comments from the Public - This is a time for the public to address the Board (A maximum of 5 minutes will be allotted to each speaker)

    Leah Halper stated that she is the newly elected GCFA President. She distributed and reviewed a handout that listed the 2011 GCFA officers and negotiators, semester goals, and planned social events, which she hopes the Board will put on their calendars. She stated that for the first time, part time faculty will be represented by GCFA and thanked the Board for approving that. She looks forward to a productive and positive working relationship with the Board of Trustees. She reported that they have a representative council for first time and will be working on integrating the part-time faculty into the union. She reported that she requested a standing item on the Board agenda from Steve Kinsella, and is now formally making the request to the Board.

    Robin Egbert reviewed campus concerns including health and safety for students, faculty and staff; Education Foundation funds; athletic department staffing; attendance at the ceremony for the industrial design student prize winner; ASB elections; publicity for the League of Women Voters Gavilan College Board of Trustees and Gilroy City Council forum; water quality; paint storage; business building odor; and furnace repair.

  7. Officers' Reports
    1. Vice Presidents

      Joe Keeler thanked Susan Cheu and Laurel Blakley for their work preparing for the auditors.

    2. College President


    3. Academic Senate

      Dr. Debbie Klein formerly registered a question regarding the rules and legality about videotaping the Board meeting, what happens to the footage and editing, and how it gets presented to any kind of public. Laura Perry will follow up. Debbie Klein invited everyone to review the Academic Senate web page under the "Faculty and Staff" tab on Gavilan's home page. It lists the six resolutions and recommendations to the Board that the Senate has passed, including a recommendations for Stand up for Education, for Sustaining and Building Class Schedules, for establishing 500 FTEs in Hollister, for a Hollister temporary site expansion, recommended criteria for schedule reductions, and for the golf course development.

    4. Professional Support Staff

      Diana Seelie reported that newly elected CSEA officers were installed January 5. She is the president, Denise Apuzzo is vice president, Katie Day is secretary, Shannon Bishop is Communications Officer, Lucy Olivares is treasurer, job stewards are Annette Gutierrez, Diane Souza, and Stan Botto. Officers will be attending training in January and February.

    5. Student Representative

      Aaron Keller reported that ASB has been getting ready for the new semester, they have plans for recruiting new members, and the ASB office will be open beginning January 26 for book scholarships. Scholarships go up to $300 and will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.

    6. Board Member Comments

      Mike Davenport reported that he participated in the State Chancellor's webinar on the proposed governor's budget. The synopsis is that we are gearing up for reductions that will affect Gavilan. He is very confident that we have scheduled, planned, and are monitoring our finances in such a way that we will be able to effectively react to the cuts with Joe Keeler's and Steve Kinsella's guidance.

      Kent Child reported that the governor's budget recommendations are a significant reduction in higher ed. We are in a better position than most community colleges to deal with the oncoming challenges, but the bigger cuts in the UC and CSU will enhance even more the flow back to the community colleges. It will be a continuing challenge for the state and individual districts like Gavilan. Kent Child highlighted faculty member, Marilyn Abad Cardinalli's retirement. He stated that she was hired in 1974 and has been one of the most creative and contributing faculty members he has had the pleasure to work with. She has gone through many changes and enhancements in the theatre department and then shifted to create the television curriculum and program. She also created the STAR program. He wishes her the greatest satisfaction in retirement.

      Tom Breen reported that the ROP district committee quarterly meeting is scheduled on January 18 at Christopher High School at 6:30 p.m.

      Walt Glines echoed Kent Child's comments regarding Marilyn Abad Cardinalli. He highlighted the phenomenal work of the Curriculum Committee reported in the December minutes under Kathleen Rose's report.

      Mark Dover reported that he and other trustees will attend the "Effective Trustee Workshop" on January 21.

      Tony Ruiz stated that Marilyn Abad Cardinalli was always a joy to work with and full of energy. He is reconnecting with the college and staff, including the college newspaper which has a half-time advisor.

    7. Board President

      Laura Perry echoed trustee comments and appreciation of Marilyn Abad Cardinalli. She sated that her own daughter participated in the STAR program and is now a full-time student at Gavilan and has had a great first semester experience.

  8. Board Committee Reports

    Walt Glines reported that the Athletic Committee met on December 17.

  9. Information/Staff Reports
    1. Recognition of the Employee of the Month

      November 2010 employee of the month Jim Bowers introduced Teresa Ilasin, HR Technician, who has been with the college for four years. When Pilar Conway was promoted, Teresa did both jobs and several continuing projects without missing a deadline. Teresa thanked Jim for the nomination and Pilar for continuing to be a resource for HR.

      December 2010 employee of the month Mimi Arvizu introduced Doug Martin who has been with the college for two years. He is an exemplary employee. Among the programs he supports is Title 5 and GIDS, and assisted in our transition to Banner. He explains technical issues in a clear and understandable way to our users. Doug thanked those responsible for him getting the award and stated that he appreciates working with everyone in the MIS department, and at Gavilan. It is a great environment.

    2. Community Education Spring 2011 Classes

      Rosie Armstrong it stated that it is a pleasure to offer new courses every semester that meet the community's needs, such as the water training program. Mark Dover noted the new courses for K-12 Teachers

    3. Board of Trustees Election Area Redistricting Process

      Joe Keeler reported that the question before the board is to consider engaging an expert to look at issues and make recommendations based on the Census 2010 and recent changes in the California Voter Rights Act. Walt Glines asked that the changes that prompted this be presented at the next Board meeting and that we consider working with a group for attorney services. Joe Keeler stated that the option will be considered and this will be an agenda item at the next Board meeting. Other K-14 are looking at the same issues and hiring an expert will help us do the right thing.

    4. Monthly Financial Report

      Joe Keeler reported that things are trending as they should. The report does not include the end of December salaries. He reported that a Budget Committee meeting has been scheduled for later this month.


  1. Old Business
    1. Gavilan College Board Goals for 2011

      MSC (K.Child/M.Dover) unanimous, student trustee aye, to approve.

      Tom Breen stated that the Board remains committed to student success. Laura Perry stated that options considered for the golf course include both as a financial resource, and as a faculty resource. Laura Perry stated that the goals are for only one year and can be amended.

    2. Claim Against the District; Request to Waive Late Filing of Claim

      Joe Keeler reported that this claim was denied by the Board at the October, 2010 meeting. It was then forwarded to the district's insurance carrier. The insurance carrier returned the claim to the student because the student did not file it within the six-month deadline. The student is now requesting that the Board waive the part of the statute pertaining to time limits.

      MSC (M.Davenport/T.Breen) 7 ayes, student trustee abstain, to approve denial of the claim.

  2. New Business
    1. Child Development Contract #CSPP-0578, California State Preschool Program, Project #43-6947-00-0, Amendment #1
      Susan Alonzo reported that the amendment is for funding terms and conditions only.
      MSC (T.Breen/M.Davenport) unanimous, student trustee aye to approve.
    2. Child Development Contract #CCTR-0327, General Child Care and Dev Programs, Project #43-6947-00-0, Amendment #1
      Susan Alonzo reported that the amendment is for funding terms and conditions only.
      MSC (M.Doverk/T.Breen) unanimous, student trustee aye to approve.
    3. Child Development Parent Handbook for FY 2010-2011
      Susan Alonzo reported that changes in the parent handbook are underlined.
      MSC (K.Child/M.Dover) unanimous, student trustee aye to approve.
    4. FY 2009-2010 District and Measure E Bond Audit Reports
    5. FY 2009-2010 Gavilan College Educational Foundation Audit Report
    6. Budget Adjustments
      Joe Keeler reported that all are in the normal course of business.
      MSC (M.Dover/T.Ruiz) unanimous, student trustee aye, to approve.
    7. 2011-2012 Budget Planning Calendar
      Joe Keeler reported that the calendar establishes the timeline to develop, review, and approve the district's budget for FY 2011-2012.
      MSC (M.Dover/K.Child) unanimous, student trustee aye to approve.
    8. FY 2011-2012 Non-Resident Tuition and Capital Outlay Fee
      Joe Keeler reported that historically the Board has always approved Option #2 $180 Nonresident Tuition Fee and $0 Capital Outlay Fee. President's Council has approved it. It is the same calculation, and keeps it consistent.
      MSC (T.Breen/M.Davenport) unanimous, student trustee aye to approve.


  1. The next regularly scheduled Board meeting is February 8, 2011, Gavilan College, Student Center, North/South Lounge.
  2. Adjournment
    The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 8:12 p.m.

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