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Regular Meeting, Board of Trustees

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
5055 Santa Teresa Blvd., Gilroy, CA 95020
Student Center


I. Oath of Office

Kent child administered the oath of office to Walt Glines.


The meeting was called to order by Kent Child at 6:30 p.m.

  1. Roll Call
    Trustees: Laura Perry, Tony Ruiz, Mark Dover, Kent Child, Tom Breen, Mike Davenport, Walt Glines,
  2. Recess to closed session
    The Board recessed to closed session at 6:31 p.m.


Notice is hereby given that a closed session of the Board will be held under the general provisions of Section(s) 54954.5, 54956.8, 54956.9, 54957, 54957.6 of the Government Code. The subject(s) of discussion:



  1. Call to Order
    Kent Child called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
  2. Oath of Office
    Mark Dover administered the oath of office to Tony Ruiz, Walt Glines, Kent Child, and Laura Perry.
  3. Roll Call
    • Laura Perry, Tony Ruiz, Mark Dover, Kent Child, Tom Breen, Mike Davenport, Walt Glines, Aaron Keller
    • Dr. Steven M. Kinsella, Superintendent/President
    • Joe Keeler, Vice President of Administrative Services
    • Dr. Kathleen Rose, Vice President of Instructional Services
    • John Pruitt, Vice President of Student Services
    • Dr. Debbie Klein, Academic Senate
    • Carol McEwan, Professional Support Staff
    • Angie Oropeza, Recording Secretary
    • Others in attendance: Susan E. Alonzo, Jim Bowers, Sherrean Carr, Diane Stone, Connie Campos, Ron Hannon, Rachel Perez, Fran Lopez, Anne Ratto, Diane Seelie
  4. Pledge of Allegiance
    Tony Ruiz led the pledge of allegiance.
  5. Organizational Meeting
    1. Election of Officers

      President of the Board of Trustees

      • MSC (M.Dover/M.Davenport) to nominate Laura Perry, MSC (T.Breen/W.Glines) to close nominations, student trustee aye, unanimous to elect Laura Perry.

      Vice President of the Board of Trustees

      • MSC (L.Perry/T.Breen) to nominate Kent Child, MSC (T.Ruiz/L.Perry) to close nominations, student trustee aye, unanimous to elect Kent Child.

      Clerk of the Board of Trustees

      • MSC (L.Perry/M.Dover) to nominate Mike Davenport, MSC (L.Perry/M.Dover) to close nominations, student trustee aye, unanimous, to elect Mike Davenport.
    2. Set Meeting Dates/Location
      MSC (M.Davenport/L.Perry) student trustee aye, unanimous to approve.
    3. Committee Membership
      • Facilities Development and Utilization: Tom Breen, Mark Dover, Walt Glines, Aaron Keller
      • Evaluation of College President: Kent Child, Mark Dover, Laura Perry
      • Strategic Planning Steering: Mike Davenport, Tony Ruiz, Laura Perry
      • Board Self Evaluation: Kent Child, Mike Davenport, Walt Glines
      • Athletic: Mark Dover, Tom Breen, Walt Glines
      • Board Policy: Kent Child, Laura Perry, Tony Ruiz
      • Budget: Kent Child, Mark Dover, Mike Davenport
      • Community Education: Mark Dover, Tom Breen, Laura Perry, Aaron Keller
      • MSC (L.Perry/M.Dover) student trustee aye, unanimous, to approve.
  6. Report of any Action Taken in Closed Session
    MSC (T.Breen/M.Dover) unanimous, to accept the resignation of a public employee.
  7. Consent Agenda
    1. Board Minutes November 9, 2010
    2. Personnel Actions
    3. Warrants and Electronic Transfers Drawn on District Funds

      MSC (T.Breen/L.Perry) student trustee aye, unanimous, to approve (b) Personnel Actions with the amended page 5, and (c) Warrants and Electronic Transfers Drawn on District Funds MSC (L.Perry/M.Dover) student trustee aye, unanimous to approve the Board Minutes November 9, 2010 as revised: III.2.g. MSC (L.Perry/M.Dover) 6 ayes, 1 no, student trustee aye, to approve.

  8. Approval of Agenda
    MSC (T.Breen/L.Perry) student trustee aye, unanimous to approve.
  9. Comments from the Public - This is a time for the public to address the Board (A maximum of 5 minutes will be allotted to each speaker)


  10. Officers' Reports
    1. Vice Presidents

      Dr. Kathleen Rose presented a Certificate of Recognition from Congressman Mike Honda to Al Tyler, Gavilan College computer graphics and design course student. His project earned him California State Fair's 2010 Industrial and Technology Education Competition Best of Show Golden Bear Trophy. Congressman Mike Honda submitted the certificate via Gavilan College Instructor, Dr. Colette McLaughlen.

      Joe Keeler reported that his office will be contacting members of the Budget and Facilities Development and Utilization subcommittees to schedule meetings.

    2. College President

      Dr. Steve Kinsella welcomed the new trustees. He reported that he and the vice presidents have met with them for orientation. We are headed toward the end of the semester. It will be a long break, there is no winter intersession, classes will start again in February. He and several Board members will attend the New Board Member and Legislative Conferences in January. The Accreditation Commission will meet January 11-14. If he is not able to return for the Board meeting, one of the vice presidents will step in for him. The Board had a nice gathering for Elvira Robinson and Deb Smith and also honored Suzanne Bulle. The Governor's budget will come up in January. The college is well positioned to ride out whatever the State comes up with. We have more flexibility with the budget than we have had in the past two years. We have the resources we need to work smoothly through next semester and the next fiscal year.

    3. Academic Senate

      Dr. Debbie Klein is glad to meet the new trustees, introduced herself, and reported that the Academic Senate held elections, and she will serve as President again. John Lawton-Haehl will serve as Vice President and Robin Kreider will serve as secretary. She reported that there are two fairly new committees who have been doing a lot of work in the past two years. The Learning Counsel's charge is to deal with issues regarding student success. The work they have been doing will be featured at the next staff development day. The Vision Committee is looking at the development of our campuses in Gilroy, Hollister, Morgan Hill, and the golf course. The Senate passed an action item on the golf course development, which the Board members received with their Board packet. The Senate looks forward to the golf course development conversation when appropriate. The Senate also passed a resolution and recommendations for schedule reduction. It is the faculty's best attempt to make sure that if we have to reduce our schedule again that we do so strategically, incrementally, and gradually, with the long-term vision in place.

    4. Professional Support Staff

      Carol McEwan Suarez introduced herself and welcomed the new Board members. She thanked Walt Glines for coming to the CSEA meeting. She reported that CSEA chapter elections will be held tomorrow, the December 9 holiday party was a success; thank you to Steve and GCFA for their donations to the party. The raffle of the quilt made by Laurel Blakely raised $454.00 toward scholarships. The quilt was won by Lydia Filice.

    5. Student Representative

      Aaron Keller reported that ASB provided stress busters on December 9 for finals week; there was free hot chocolate, Cosmo students gave free hand and arm massages, flyers on good ways to deal with stress were available, and they had activities for Smoke Out Day on November 18. On a sad note, ASB lost one of their members, Rose Orona, VP of Clubs, who passed away on November 21.

    6. Board Member Comments

      Mike Davenport welcomed and congratulated Tony Ruiz and Walt Glines; he is looking forward to working with them.

      Mark Dover welcomed and congratulated Tony Ruiz and Walt Glines. He looks forward to working together to keep Gavilan going in the right direction and making decisions for the good of the college, students, and the people who work here.

      Laura Perry welcomed and congratulated Tony Ruiz and Walt Glines. She met Tony when she took a Spanish class from him in 1983, and Walt was her sponsor into Morgan Hill Rotary in 1994. She looks forward to working with them. She congratulated Lorraine Welk who was selected as Morgan Hill Chamber Woman of the Year. Lorraine will be honored at a dinner on January 29.

      Tom Breen welcomed and congratulated Tony Ruiz and Walt Glines, as well as Kent Child and Laura Perry who were reelected.

      Walt Glines congratulated Lorraine Welk. He reviewed his experiences with Gavilan, starting as a student when Gavilan was at the Hollister airport. He reviewed his experiences with past and current Board members. He stated that those Board members were united and had a vision for their community college. He sees the current Board in many respects as similar; all seven have different backgrounds but all looking to the future. He acknowledged Elvira Robinson and Deb Smith's years of valuable service to Gavilan College. He is proud to join the Board with Tony Ruiz who was a long time faculty member. He was on the interviewing committee as a community member for the superintendent/president position, and Steve was one of the candidates. He has seen the college flourish under his leadership. He thanked Mark Dover and Deb Smith for encouraging him to run for the Board. He knows Laura Perry from working on community projects with Morgan Hill Rotary, Mike Davenport as a doer in Morgan Hill, and Judge Breen a legend here and in San Benito County. He acknowledged his "kitchen cabinet" Sam Bozzo, Gene Sakahara, and his wife Gail. Gavilan is a great place; he is here to make it even better.

      Tony Ruiz thanked Steve and staff for the orientation meetings. He graduated from Gavilan when it was San Benito JC, then spent 30 years as a Gavilan instructor, and is now a Board member. He came in 1969. At that time the college had 1800 students and there was a lot of discussion on the best way to attract students. There were a number of things done such as bringing in technology, individualized instruction, and the child care center to build up enrollment. He feels community colleges in general, especially in California, went flat because of budget and other things. Now it is a whole new era. With this new economy we will need new programs, new types of classes, new strategies in teaching; we'll need to look at how we use facilities, and how we spend money. It is exciting to come in at this time. This school has been a big part of his life. While at Gavilan, he was active on the Academic Senate and GCFA. Since being elected, he has attended community college related conferences, and looks forward to being here and making this a better school. He congratulated Walt Glines.

    7. Board President

      Kent Child welcomed and congratulated Tony Ruiz and Walt Glines. They bring a tremendous depth of experience and dedication to our communities and district. He has worked with Tony for 4+ decades. He highlighted the article in the college paper where Alberto Marques states that Tony mentored him as a student and now Alberto is on the faculty. Walt attended many Board meetings through the newspaper, and before that, he was involved with the college newspaper when Robert Funk was on the faculty, and he is now on the Board. It is a multi-generational scenario and reinforces the idea that we are a family.

  11. Board Committee Reports


  12. Information/Staff Reports
    1. Gavilan College Board Goals 2011 (draft)

      Kent Child reported that as part of the Board self evaluation, the Board reviews what has transpired during the year, what went well, and what can be improved. The last step of the annual self-evaluation is a two-step process; reviewing the 2010 goals then setting 2011 goals. He took Board member comments and extracted themes to develop the draft and to use as a starting point for further discussion. A meeting will be set up to wrap up the evaluation and formally adopt the goals. The goals will be brought back for final approval at a regular Board meeting. Mark Dover suggested adding the intent to hire an ASB Advisor/Life Skills Coordinator as a goal. Walt Glines would like to see the 2009 and 2010 goals for perspective.

    2. Santa Clara County Treasury Investment Portfolio Status as of September 30, 2010

      Joe Keeler reported that most of operating funds come from the state to the county. The county invests the funds for all government agencies in a pool. That pool as of September 30, 2010 is the subject of the report.

    3. Monthly Financial Report

      Joe Keeler reported that this is a summary of all funds. It compares budget to actual as of November 15, 2010.


  1. Old Business
    1. Board Self Evaluation
      MSC (M.Dover/M.Davenport) student trustee aye unanimous, to set up a special Board meeting to review progress on last year's goals and to establish goals for the upcoming year. The special Board meeting is scheduled on January 5, 2011, 5:00 p.m.
    2. Gavilan College Principles of Community
      Kathleen Rose stated that the Board reviewed the draft College Principles of Community last month. They were developed by a shared task force to produce a code of ethics for the college in accordance with our accreditation standards.
      MSC (L.Perry/M.Dover) student trustee aye, unanimous to approve.
    3. Board policy 4600 and Administrative Policy 4600
      Kathleen Rose reported that Board Policy 4600 Student Success Policy and Administrative Procedure 4600 the Learning Council Organization have been reviewed by the Board at a previous meeting. MSC (L.Perry/M.Davenport) student trustee aye, unanimous to approve.
  2. New Business
    1. Curriculum
      Kathleen Rose reported that in the fall semester, the college approved 21 new courses, updated 41 courses, and inactivated 22 courses. Mark Dover congratulated the staff of the newly named Kinesiology Department. The correction on the "Distance Education Form D" was noted and will be made. MSC (M.Dover/L.Perry) student trustee aye, unanimous to approve.
    2. Certification of Election Results, November 2, 2010
      MSC (T.Breen/M.Davenport) student trustee aye, to accept the certification of election results, November 2, 2010.
    3. Disposal of Surplus Property
      MSC (L.Perry/M.Davenport) student trustee aye, to approve.
    4. FY 2011 2012 Academic Calendar
      Joe Keeler distributed and reviewed a revised 2011-2012 academic calendar.
      MSC (M.Davenport/L.Perry) student trustee aye, unanimous to approve as amended.
    5. Budget Adjustments
      MSC (M.Dover/M.Davenport) student trustee aye, unanimous to approve.
    6. Career Technical Education Advisory Boards
      MSC (L.Perry/M.Dover) student trustee aye, unanimous to approve.


  1. The next regularly scheduled Board meeting is January 11, 2011, Gilroy Campus, North/South Lounge.
  2. Adjournment
    The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 8:24 p.m.

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Thank you.

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