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Board of Trustees
2015 Gavilan College Board Goals

GOAL 1:Solidify joint efforts with K-12 districts that will enhance incoming students’ preparation and readiness for college-level course work.
GOAL 2:Secure a viable facility that will accommodate both the South Bay Public Safety Training Consortium and expanded academic course offerings in the Morgan Hill/Coyote Valley area of the District
GOAL 3:Clarify options and sequencing issues that must be resolved in order to expand course offerings in the San Benito County area.  As the development of an education center will take an indeterminate length of time, develop a realistic transition set of alternatives.  Communicate the results to the community.
GOAL 4:Ensure that remaining bond funds are utilized in the most strategic, efficient and timely manner.
GOAL 5:Encourage college constituencies to broaden and deepen their understanding and execution of planning and implementation under the participatory governance.
GOAL 6:Continue collaborative efforts with local agencies to develop an adult education consortium.
GOAL 7:Develop a balanced budget every fiscal year.
GOAL 8:Find a solution that will provide a stable and sustainable A.S.G.C.  oversight, advocacy and directorial function.
GOAL 9: Upgrade the Physical Education/Athletics facilities as much as is fiscally achievable in a reasonable time frame.
GOAL 10: Continued improvement of a trustee development process that will meet accreditation criteria, will clarify and enhance roles, policy and regulations understanding, decision-making and communication.  The first phase should include a review of participatory governance, the Brown Act, board ethics and protocol.

Last modified: March 23, 2015
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