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Board of Trustees
2016 Gavilan College Board Goals

  • Complete Phase 1 development of the Coyote Valley Educational site.
  • Finalize instructional offerings that balance the Public Safety Consortium and the general education needs.
  • Develop the staffing and support requirements to operate the site
GOAL 2: Develop a realistic plan that will lead to an educational site/center located in the Hollister area that is achievable within the near future.
GOAL 3: Complete the San Martin Airport facility project and relocate the aviation program to the new site.
GOAL 4: Solidify joint efforts with feeder high school districts that will enhance incoming students’ preparation and readiness for college-level coursework.
GOAL 5: Implement the by-district election of trustees by the November 2016 election cycle.
GOAL 6: Address contract negotiation related issues such as sustainability of benefits and possible training options such as win/win bargaining.
GOAL 7: Plan for necessary accreditation second-half actions and start planning for initial preparation for the next cycle.
GOAL 8: Begin initial discussion and planning for a future facilities bond issue proposal.
GOAL 9: Enhance the collaborative and collegial climate on campus so that active engagement in shared governance is broadly embraced by the campus community.
GOAL 10: Successfully conduct an effective search for a new superintendent/president to succeed the retiring president. Work with Dr. Kinsella to plan appropriate transitional training on operations and finance related topics.

Last modified: March 4, 2016
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