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Board of Trustees
2014 Gavilan College Board Goals

GOAL 1:Finalize administrative reorganization plan, addressing vice president vacancies, long-term stability and effectiveness potential, financial impact and hiring sequence and timing.
  1. Finalize and initiate Coyote Valley Educational Center/Public Safety Consortium site development
  2. Clarify Educational Center options for San Benito locale.
  3. Review enhancement options for services provided at our off-site locations.
GOAL 3:Create pathways between high schools and Gavilan with a focus of bringing more college-ready students into the college.
GOAL 4:Develop policy on staffing plans for faculty, professional support staff, and administrative positions.
GOAL 5:Review Title IX Status Report and provide administrative and professional support staff adjustments if appropriate, to ensure college has data necessary to adequately review information and conclusions in the report.
GOAL 6:Analyze district security policy.
GOAL 7:Develop professional development plan for members of the Board to increase awareness of, but not limited to, the following areas:
  1. Accreditation planning, practices, and actions taken to ensure continuous compliance with ACCJC Accreditation Standards.
  2. What members of the Board need to know about California Community College District Budgets.
  3. Information sessions on results of program reviews and evaluations of college processes.
  4. Executives training on SEMS (Incident Command Center and Emergency Response Plan).
  5. Analyze information ways and means of communication to community and future students.
GOAL 8:Review Board self-evaluation and goal setting policy.

Last modified: January 22, 2014
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